Content Updates


Content Updates

Below you will find a month-by-month description of what is updated on MyWorldAbroad(RELATED INFO: Read How We Update Content to learn how often we update content and how we organize staff to provide you with quality information.)

MyWorldAbroad Update Log

Entries below are sorted by project completion date. RED HIGHLIGHTS indicate important/major updates during the past 18 months.

May 2024

April 2024

  • MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: MyWorldAbroad is excited to announce the launch of our updated home page, which showcases the many new features introduced over the past year. 

March 2024

  • MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: MyWorldAbroad is delighted to announce the launch of the Exercise Workbook for Intercultural Competencies containing exercises for the 6 courses (31 modules) for the MyWorldAbroad Certificate Program in Intercultural Competencies.
    • Exercise Workbook for Intercultural Competencies (English, French version coming soon)
  • UPDATE: MyWorldAbroad has made important updates to these Quick Guides:
    • Prepare for Re-Entry & Document Your New Skills (see new page 3) (EnglishFrench
    • Why You Need International Skills (page 3 about "attitude" ) (English, French)
    • Pre-departure Basics (page 3-4 about "planning" ) (EnglishFrench)
    • Overcoming the 10 Barriers to Going Abroad, (pages 8-10) (English, French)
    • Personal Relationships Abroad (multiple pages) (English, French

Feb 2024

  • UPDATE: MyWorldAbroad has made major improvements to the three "Becoming..." Quick Guides that outline the structure of the Certificate Program in Intercultural CompetenciesMyWorldAbroad is also delighted to announce that ALL our Quick Guides are now available in French.  

Jan 2024

  • NEW YEAR LAUNCH: MyWorldAbroad is excited to announce that our NEW Certificate Program in Intercultural Competencies is now available online! This comprehensive program offers six course-certificates, culminating in a program-certificate – a significant advancement in intercultural education for our client schools in Canada and the US. This launch marks the culmination of a three-year content and website enhancement project. We invite students and staff to embark on this educational journey, acquiring vital career credentials for ensuring success in today's global and multicultural workplaces.
    Best wishes to all on your learning journey!
  • NEW QUICK GUIDES: Check out these two important new Quick Guides

Dec 2023

  • NEW LAUNCH DATE MyWorldAbroad Certificate Program in Intercultural Competencies: We are happy to say that we have finished and successfully tested the user interface for our new Certificate Program. We now plan to go live on Jan 4th, 2024, stay tuned. (View details)
    • Check our NEW DRAFT Exercise Workbook: Intercultural Competencies for students to record their exercise answers all in one place. (view Draft)
    • Check our NEW Course Score Card for students to track and authenticate their Engagement Notes for course modules. (view sample

Nov 2023

  • Check our MyWorldAbroad's NEW FLYER containing links to multiple sample Quick Guides with no login necessary. (view Flyer).

Oct 2023

  • NEW SERVICE launching this Nov.: MyWorldAbroad Certificate Program. Students will soon be able to complete six online mini courses, involving reading and reflection. Both students and schools will be able to track progress through these courses, which are aligned with the main MyWorldAbroad parts and sections. Explore our NEW User Interface with course outlines (as of Sept 27, 2023), crafted for students to seamlessly guide their own cross-cultural learning, with or without school oversight.

  • NEW Quick Guide: One of several coming online soon.

Sept 2023

July 2023

  • NEW SERVICE -116 Workplace Country Guides available in English and French: MyWorldAbroad is very excited to offer these groundbreaking new country guides. Authored by professionals based within the country, this resource allows students, staff, and faculty to gain insights into workplace culture from both local and expatriate perspectives. These guides will be invaluable for students who are venturing abroad for study, volunteering, internships, research, travel, or work. (View.)

  • NEW Menu System: MyWorldAbroad is very pleased to announce the completion of our new menu system to enhance the user experience for simpler modern navigation. List of NEW features: sticky top menu and launch of the “Country Guide & Other Resources”; streamlined left hand menu and simplified layout on detail-pages (view sample page).

September 2022 to April 2023

  • UPDATE: MyWorldAbroad continues to launch new content and prepare for two major NEW components of our site:
    • NOW AVAILABLE - EXCITING:116 Workplace Country Guides (available in English and French) are written by in-country professionals to help you uncover workplace culture from both the local and expat’s perspective (view all guides, but note that this temporary interface will be updated in May).
    • COMING THIS FALL: The MyWorldAbroad Certificate Program is a compilation of 6 online course to help students learn about culture. (view draft course outline).
    • Check out our new "sticky" menu which is now always visible at the top of the page.
  • NEW French Quick Guide: Mettre en pratique le spectre culturel Huit paires de comportements opposés en milieu de travail.
  • Annual Resource And Link Audit Complete: We have now completed our annual review of all links, logos and resources on our site, ensuring that all embedded links in 300+ articles and 3,500+ resources are up-to-date. 

August 2022

NEW: Overview documents to launch the new MyWorldAbroad menu and content:

July 2022

    June 2022

    May 2022

    • UPDATE on MyWorldAbroad Student Bulletin Newsletter: Students from client schools continue to benefit from this monthly newsletter, first launched in June 2021:
      • "Take action for the Global You!" is the slogan of this monthly e-bulletin, aimed at keeping students aware of the importance of cross-cultural skills, and the many opportunities for skill-building and international experience that are available to them. Sent to all registered users of MyWorldAbroad (view this permanent link to the current issue), this short, upbeat newsletter offers key monthly action items, quick links to top advice and a rotating focus on one of our three core models (The Global You, the The 10 Global Competencies and The Culture Tree). The Student Bulletin a simple way to nudge students towards building cross-cultural skills, boosting career readiness and making the most of their access to MyWorldAbroad. Encourage students to register for MyWorldAbroad to receive the bulletin (View past issues: view Nov 2022; view Oct 2022; view Sep 2022; view Aug 2022; view July 2022; view June 2022; view May 2022; view April 2022; view March 2022; view Feb 2022; view Jan 2022; view Nov 17, 2021; view Nov 4, 2021; view Sept 2021; view August 2021; view July 2021; view June 2021).

    February - April 2022

    January 2022

    • NEW Website Navigation Menu: Get a sneak preview of our exciting new menu landing page, including a brand new menu model and a focus on the Global You (view). Launching mid-March, 2022.

    November 2021

    • IMPORTANT QUICK GUIDE UPDATE: In our continuing work to evolve and improve our content, we've made important additions to three foundational Quick Guides:
      • In The Global You there are four new pages (6, 7, 8, & 9) including new sub-sections of actionable advice and encouragement for students to contact their advisors (view article, view Quick Guide).
      • In the 10 Global Competencies new pages have been added (page 3, pages 8 through 11) and more detail has been added throughout. The model has also been updated to reflect Nace's recent update of their Career Readiness Competencies, now including the important "Equity & Inclusion" element (view article, view Quick Guide). 
      • Lastly, The Culture Tree and Deconstructing the Culture Tree have been combined into a single, comprehensive Quick Guide for easy use (view article, view Quick Guide).
    • NEW SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS: MyWorldAbroad is delighted to launch our first set of five Q&A videos, released in celebration of International Education Week 2021. These five upbeat videos answer some of our most frequently asked student questions, including "Why should I study abroad?" and "Why do I need global skills?" We recommend that staff download and share these videos on social media during International Education Week, or any time thereafter (view videos).

    October 2021

    • NEW ARTICLE & QUICK GUIDE: We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new article, Navigating Peach & Coconut Cultures: Understanding Small Talk Around the World. This important new addition will help students recognize contrasting cultural approaches to small talk, using the fun and easy-to-understand framework of peach vs. coconut cultures. This new article is a key component of the Culture Smarts section (launching in early 2022), which introduces students to the concept of culture, kickstarts their cross-cultural learning journey and prepares them to succeed in intercultural workplaces. Check out the small talk article (view) and Quick Guide (view English version, French version coming soon). 

    September 2021

    • IMPORTANT QUICK GUIDE UPDATE: Many universities rely on NACE's career readiness competencies for advising. As of this month, these competencies have been revised! MyWorldAbroad is proud to announce that we've already analyzed and incorporated these revisions into our important 10 Core Global Competencies Quick Guide (French translation coming soon). We've also significantly expanded the existing guide content (starting on page three) detailing how each competency functions in a global or intercultural context. This new info helps students target learning objectives and understand the real-world value of international skills for career success (view the Quick Guide). 

    August 2021

    • NEW Stories from AbroadOur popular peer-to-peer learning section, Stories from Abroad, has added three excellent new essays from international contributors. Maria (view) and Hector (view) both completed virtual international internships abroad during the pandemic, and Aske lives and works abroad long-term and here writes about his internship in Malaysia (view). 
    • NEW IMPORTANT QUICK GUIDE: Becoming the Global You: 5 Tools for Success This important overview document introduces three essential core models (The Global You, The 10 Core Global Competencies and The Culture Tree) and two planning maps (the 1-year and 4-year Global Mindset Maps). This is the fastest way to help student launch their global selves. Explore and share the Quick Guide (view) and article (view)!
    • NEW BUTTON-BLOCK for all Quick Guides: The new student-friendly Button Block, located at the end of every Quick Guide, helps readers navigate directly to the original source article for the guide and to the main MyWorldAbroad registration page. This feature makes it simple to access supporting articles and related content (view Button Block examples).

    July 2021

    • FRENCH QUICK GUIDES for Virtual International Internships: We are very pleased to offer SEVEN new Quick Guides translated into French: 
      • Pourquoi choisir un stage virtuel à l’international? (view); Trouver le stage virtuel idéal (view); Réussir son entrevue vidéo (view); Les compétences essentielles pour le travail virtuel (view); Technologie, collaboration et travail virtuel (view); Maximise la valeur interculturelle de ton stage virtuel (view); Le calendrier des stages virtuels à l'international (view).  
    • UPDATED FRENCH RESOURCES: We've just completed a detailed review of all our French-language Quebec resources. 66 Quebec NGOs resources (view) and 4 Quebec government programs resources (view) have now been fully updated, including Covid-19 coding for virtual programs.
    • UPDATED CANADIAN GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Departments of the Canadian Government (unlike the US Goverment) change their names regularly. As such, we recently updated and streamlined the departmental names for Canadian Federal, Provincial And Territorial Government Profiles (view).

    June 2021

    • Two NEW Newsletters: Students and staff from client schools now have an easy way to stay up-to-date on all the latest from MyWorldAbroad:
      • The MyWorldAbroad Student Bulletin: "Take action for the Global You!" is the byline of this monthly bulletin, sent to all registered users of MyWorldAbroad (view this permanent link to the current issue). This youthful newsletter offers key monthly action items, quick links to top advice and a rotating focus on our three core models (the Global You, the 10 Core Global Competencies and the Culture Tree). The Student Bulletin a simple way to nudge students towards building cross-cultural skills and career readiness. Encourage students to register for MyWorldAbroad to receive the bulletin (View past issues: view Nov 2022; view Oct 2022; view Sep 2022; view Aug 15, 2022; view July 19, 2022; view June 23, 2022; view May 24, 2022; view April 25, 2022; view March 30, 2022; view Feb 24, 2022; view Jan 21, 2022; view Nov 17, 2021; view Nov 4, 2021; view Sept, 2021; view August, 2021; view July, 2021; view June, 2021).
      • What’s Ahead for career and study abroad advisors: Published regularly (view Sept, 2021; view July, 2021; view May, 2021), this newsletter is the fastest way to get filled in on all the newest additions to MyWorldAbroad, and it provides simple ways to promote student registration and share useful tools for student advising. Staff at our client schools are welcome to register here to receive the What's Ahead newsletter
    • NEW Global Mindset Maps: Don't miss these fantastic tools to help students take action, manage goals and develop their global personalities step-by-step. These are two of MyWorldAbroad's new unmissable core models.   
      • The 1-year Global Mindset Map zooms in even closer, providing month-by-month suggestions for building global career skills and cross-cultural experience throughout the school year cycle. It is available as a Quick Guide (view English, view French) and an article (view). The My 1-year Map template is a companion Word document that helps students track their own unique goals (view English template, view French template).
      • The 4-year Global Mindset Map: This map offers a blueprint of the top ways to go global during the four years of undergrad. It is available as a Quick Guide (view English, view French) and an article (view). The My 4-year Map template is a companion Word document that helps students track their own unique goals (view English template, view French template). 

    May 2021

    • NEW Filtering Features & Layout: Improved filtering and layout features have been applied to all major resource lists, making targeted searches easier (view). This update also includes virtual program coding for the Covid-19 era (view). Over 1,500 resources were re-coded and many more added during this seven-month project.
    • NEW Stories from AbroadOur popular peer-to-peer learning section, Stories from Abroad, now features three brand new contributions from students with international experience. Danielle taught English in Mexico City (view), Inaara completed a virtual internship with the UN (view) and Meghan taught English virtually to students in Central America (view). 

    April 2021

    • NEW Culture Tree Article & Quick Guide: MyWorldAbroad is excited to announce The Culture Tree is the perfect model to kickstart students' cross-cultural learning! First, we have our core article, The Culture Tree, which covers the basics of this foundational three-level system. See the Quick Guide (view English, view French) and its article (view).

    March 2021

    • NEW Virtual Stories from Abroad: We're delighted to feature two brand new stories from students and young professionals who have taken their international work experiences online. Luke has taught English to students in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua (view) and Danielle teaches English to students in China from her home in California (view). Check out these stories for excellent virtual work tips!
    • ONLINE MICRO-COURSE update: The Culture Tree (view), The Global You (view), and the 10 Core Global Competencies (view), along with forthcoming related materials, will anchor our upcoming micro-courses in cross-cultural understanding and career readiness (more on this in the late spring).

    February 2021

    • NEW Culture Tree Quick Guide: As part of our ongoing innovative redesign, we're proud to showcase a fantastic new Quick Guide: The Culture Tree. Students and advisors can use this to kickstart their understanding of culture. The Culture Tree uses a classic three-level model, updated and energized with accessible writing and a colorful design. A full article version is available (view) in addition to Quick Guide (view English version, view French version).

    January 2021

    • NEW Web Design: Get a sneak preview of our exciting new site redesign, including a brand new header menu (view). COMING early 2022.
    • NEW: The 8 Components of The Global You: As part of our continuing web redesign, we are excited to launch a major new pillar of the MyWorldAbroad approach. The Global You is now a central model underpinning our advice for students and young professionals, encouraging them to take a holistic approach to developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for 21st-century success. There is a full article version available (view) as well as a Quick Guide (view English version, view French version) and the model for poster use (view English version, view French version).

    December 2020

    • COVID-19 UPDATE: Virtual Opportunities Coding: Over the past month we audited over 800 volunteer and internship organizations to ensure that virtual program listings are up-to-date, and that our organizations continue to operate despite Covid-19 restrictions. We are happy to report that there is increasing stability in the market despite the ravages of the pandemic. Since we last updated these organizations in June 2020, less than 15 have ceased operations, and virtual programs continue to be offered and expanded. This is good news for the long-term resilience of this market, ensuring that students have access to volunteer and internship programs into 2021 and beyond. MyWorldAbroad will continue to monitor these important programs moving forward. (View volunteer listings. View virtual internship listingsView internship listings.)
    • NEW Stories from Abroad: We're pleased to feature an outstanding new Story from Abroad! Julia's essay about her time in Qatar is insightful and interesting, demonstrating the ideal approach to professionally-oriented cross-cultural travel. (View.)

    November 2020

    • NEW: The 10 Core Global Competencies: In the new interconnected world of work, global competencies are a key component of career readiness. After three months of feedback and updates, we're proud to launch our 10 Core Global Competencies Model. Our client schools can access this Quick Guide version (view English version, view French version), the recommended longer article version (view), or the model for use as a poster (view English version, view French version).

    October 2020

    • NEW SOCIAL MEDIA MATERIALS: To support the launch of the new Virtual International Internships section (view), we have created six easy-to-share social media messages (with colorful images) for clients to use. Share these across all social channels to encourage students to read the new section. To access the messages, see our Mini Campaigns (view the top section in this MS Word document) or check out all our social media campaigns on this page (view). 
    • NEW! US/CANADA Filter System: MyWorldAbroad is excited to announce the launch of our US/Canadian citizenship filters after an 8-month coding upgrade. US students will no longer see Canada-only resources & articles (view). Canadian students will no longer see US-only resources and articles (view). International students will have the option of hiding US/Canada-only resources and articles (view).

    September 2020

    • MAJOR WEB REDESIGN: We are making big progress on a major web redesign to improve our navigation and filters while integrating new features such Career RoadmapsOnline CoursesCross-cultural Exercises focusing on internatioanal work skills.
    • CONTENT FEEDBACK: We continue to solicit feedback on our new 10 Core Global Competencies ModelView STUDENT version or View STAFF version (the latter is geared towards feedback and discussion).

    August 2020

    • NEW IN-HOUSE EXPERT in Cross-Cultural Learning: We're pleased to be working with Chris Cartwright, PhD, who is advising on several upcoming initiatives related to cross-cultural learning, course design and modeling. Based in Oregon, he is well known for his long association with the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. He now consults widely with universities and private sector firms across North America and Europe.
    • NEW Stories from Abroad: We're happy to publish a brand new Story from Abroad! Evan is an international career hopeful who is taking action on campus to boost his professional profile. (View.)

    July 2020

    • NEW! FEEDBACK REQUESTED: The 10 Core Global Competencies: We are currently soliciting feedback on our brand new 10 Core Global Competencies Model, which focuses on highlighting the central value of global career skills in building a professional profile. We have developed versions specifically geared towards students and staff (comments welcome). We will be publishing the final version on MyWorldAbroad later in the fall, once staff comments have been reviewed and incorporated. It will also be made publicly available at that time. (View STAFF versionView STUDENT version.) 
    • NEW Stories from Abroad: We're delighted to feature a brand new Story from Abroad contribution from a global worker with extensive international experience. Carille has worked abroad long-term with the US Department of State, and her Q&A is full of insights into working with communities abroad. (View.)

    June 2020

    COVID-19 UPDATE: MAJOR LAUNCH: Coronavirus has created enormous challenges for all of us helping students build international skills. The good news is that it is possible for universities to offer valuable online international experiences! While student travel options are now severely limited, the demand for virtual international opportunities is skyrocketing. MyWorldAbroad is now launching a comprehensive range of new content and tools to support staff and students pursuing virtual programs.

    • NEW Virtual International Internships section with TEN articles: The virtual international internship industry has exploded in popularity over recent months. This newly written section features ten articles covering how to find an ideal virtual internship and how to thrive as a member of an online cross-cultural team. This section also features resource lists of placement agencies offering virtual internships and other online programs. (View a screenshot of the new features or view the section directly (login required).)
    • NEW: Seven New Quick Guides: We've adopted a more student-friendly layout to support the Virtual International Internships section. (View samples: first, second, third.)
    • COMING this DECEMBER: Virtual Internship Management Tools: We are now developing a range of additional tools to help your staff manage virtual international internships.
      • Employer Guidelines for hosting a virtual international internship.
      • Intern Feedback Form for Employers with an international skills focus.
      • Cross-cultural Internship Journal to support student learning during the internship.
      • Cross-cultural Buddy Guide to support student intercultural learning with a peer.
      • Social Media Campaign to encourage students to go international - virtually.
    • COMING in 2021: Cross-cultural Learning from Your Laptop: Soon, we'll launch an extensive new campaign combining content, tools and activities to enable students to build international career skills while at home and on campus.
    • NEW: Re-coding for our Resources: We have re-coded over 2,000 of our resources to identify which organizations are providing virtual programs or have suspended operations. We will be updating this coding every three months to ensure accuracy over the next year. (View coding for a sample resource.)
    • CODING DESIGN: As part of our ongoing work of improving user experience, we've improved the layout of search filters on several major resource lists to enhance usability. (View.)
    • COVID-19 UPDATE: EXPANDED ARTICLE: We have updated our World Online links article, which now includes over 80 videos, podcasts and articles to inform and motivate. We have also included a brand new section the impact of coronavirus on cultures and the world. We will be sharing these individual links via our social media feeds over the coming weeks. (View.)

    Global career skills are more important than ever, and we hope you'll take advantage of this new content and join us as we strive to find exciting, workable solutions in these challenging times. We're eager to have client feedback during this launch phase on the new Virtual International Internships section; please share any thoughts and comments. As a trusted resource for universities and colleges in the US and Canada, we are working to ensure that MyWorldAbroad continues to be relevant and responsive in helping your students develop global career skills.

    May 2020

    Covid-19 UPDATE & New Services Coming Soon: At MyWorldAbroad, we understand the incredibly challenging times you are working through as professionals in higher education, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to assist you. We’re determined to continue supporting the vital skill-building of current students, despite the pandemic. In response to recent events, we've shifted our publishing schedule to ensure that we're creating relevant new content to support students during this challenging time. We also want to enhance our support for staff as they strive to find ways of making international education a reality for the current cohort. Take a look at the upcoming additions to our site being released over the coming few months:

    • NEW ARTICLE: Going Global from Your Laptop: With this list of tips and links, your students can continue their international learning, even in isolation.
    • NEW SECTION: Virtual Internships Across Borders: As in-person internships come to a halt, organizations are starting to offer virtual internships abroad. This section (with multiple articles) explores possibilities for cross-cultural immersion and skill-building online, and will explain how to succeed in a virtual internship environment.
    • COVID-19-FRIENDLY CODING: We will be auditing and re-coding 2,500 service provider resources to help students search for virtual international internships. We will also be doing a site-wide audit to identify organizations that have suspended operations.
    • NEW CAMPAIGN: Cross-cultural Learning Throughout the School Year: Even during the pandemic, there are still opportunities for cross-cultural learning. We are designing a new year-long campaign to help students develop a global mindset and build international career skills.
      • We are expanding our Freelancing Abroad resource list to include the best remote-work service providers.
      • Given our focus on skills and career readiness, we are creating a new resource list: Online Career Self-Assessment Resources.
    • NEW ONLINE COURSES: We are in the process of developing several quick online courses to support remote learning, without the need for staff involvement.

    MyWorldAbroad has never been more relevant as an online tool in an age of virtual work and learning. If there is any way we can support you or your students additionally during this time, please reach out to us.

    April 2020

    • THE WORLD ONLINE: We have updated our World Online links section, which now includes a huge array videos, podcasts and articles to inform and motivate. We have also included a brand new section on coronavirus and its impact on cultures and the world. (View.)
    • ANNUAL RESOURCE AND LINK AUDIT COMPLETE: We have now completed our annual review of all links, logos and resources on our site, ensuring that all embedded links and 3,600+ resources are up-to-date. 

    March 2020

    • ANNUAL RESOURCE AUDIT: We are currently in the process of conducting our annual resource audit, ensuring that each one of our resources is up-to-date and correctly linked to it's online source. This audit will be complete by early April.
    • NEW SECTION UNDERWAY: In response to demand, we are currently working hard to develop a brand new section, specifically geared towards helping international students succeed in North America. This section is scheduled to be published in late spring 2020. 

    February 2020

    • NEW FRENCH QUICK GUIDE: La recherche d’organisations/How to Research an Organization QG is now avaialble in French. It provides a variety of tips to help students target their ideal programs abroad. (View new French version or View English version)
    • NEW STORIES FROM ABROAD: We are happy to present four brand new Stories from Abroad to inpire students and support peer-to-peer learning. (View firstview secondview third, view fourth.) Do you or your students have an international adventure to share? Visit this link!

    January 2020

    • SECTOR CODING COMPLETE: As part of our ongoing work to improve user experience, our editors have been working to re-code major resource lists. We have now completed sector coding for International Volunteer Organizations (view).
    • NEW STORIES FROM ABROAD: We are happy to present three new Stories from Abroad to inpire students and support peer-to-peer learning. (View first, view second, view third.) Do you or your students have an international adventure to share? Visit this link!

    November 2019

    • SECTOR CODING CONTINUES: Our in-depth review of coding and filtering systems in still underway. This ongoing review is being conducted with feedback from select client schools, in an effort to make our filter systems and navigation easier to use.

    October 2019

    • NEW SERVICE: We are very pleased to announce the release of our very first Roadmap: the MyWorldAbroad Roadmap for Researching STEM International Internships and Co-op Placements (view the standard text version, or view the draft infographic and let us know what you think). This one-page guide is designed to help students and their advisors find the best STEM resources and advice on the MyWorldAbroad site. Throughout November to February, we'll be open for feedback as we explore writing similar roadmaps for fields such as international affairs, international business, international law, etc. We'd love to hear from you. 
    • NEW SECTOR CODING: We are currently conducting an in-depth review of our coding and filtering systems on major resource lists. Our goals is to help more students quickly find programs specific to their fields of study by introducing new sector codes. There are now six new sector codes to help STEM students find internships and eight new sector codes for students in art, design and more. See our list of sector codes (view) or use them on our resource lists: International Internship Organizations (view). Other lists are being coded over the next couple of months: International Volunteer Organizations (to be finished by the end of October), International Internships And Student Programs With Canadian Governments as well as International Internships With The US Government (to be completed by the end of November), Internships With the UN And Other IGOs and lastly All NGOs (to be completed by the end of December). 

    September 2019

    • UPDATED SERVICE: We're delighted to have fully revamped our Global Nudge Social Media Mini Campaigns. Our five mini campaigns are quick and easy to implement, and they'll help you promote student engagement with MyWorldAbroad. We have added new content and a list of 38 Quick Guides for the go abroad cycle (for before, during and after time spent abroad). Visit our Global Nudge Social Media page for all our social media options (view), or go directly to the Mini Campaigns Word documents (view the English version, view the French version). 
    • NEW SERVICE: We are pleased to offer client schools full reproduction rights for all components of our Global Nudge Newsletter. Our newsletter contains a month-by-month collection of themed content based on the school year cycle. Pick and choose from our content to create your own newsletter and/or adapt it for your social media campaigns. Download this Word file to access our content and view this sample newsletter for ideas on how you might build your own.
    • NEW QUICK GUIDE: The International School Year Checklist is a new Quick Guide full of practical calls to action, designed to help students stay on top of their international goals and make every month count. (View.)
    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We just completed a review of the International Internship Job Boards & Advice resource list, which now includes 42 resources (view).

    August 2019

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We've just completed Phase Two of a full review of all our French-language resources. 151 French NGO resources and 88 Belgian NGO resources have now been fully audited and updated (view). Two related article were also audited and updated: Intro to NGOs in France/Les ONG françaises (view) and Intro to NGOs in Belgium/Les ONG belges (view).
    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We just completed an update of one of our largest resource lists, UN & Other IGOs. This up-to-late list now has 253 resources (view). We've also finished a full audit of one of our most popular resource lists, Teaching English Abroad Job Boards, which now has 88 resources (view). 

    July 2019

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We've just completed Phase One of a full review of all our French-language resources. 66 Quebec NGOs resources (view) and 7 Quebec government programs resources (view) have now been audited and updated, and we have moved on to Phase Two, in which we'll be updating all French and Belgian NGO resources.

    June 2019

    • NEW ARTICLE: Becoming A Digital Nomad (view) is a comprehensive new article discussing the possibilities and challenges of having an online career while traveling or living abroad.
    • STRATEGIC WEB DESIGN REVIEW COMPLETED: Following a four-month review of the MyWorldAbroad site by the University of Michigan's School of Information, we are now in the process of reviewing the resulting data and recommendations. We are now planning a major upgrade to MWA’s navigation, and will also be exploring new content delivery models based on this recent review process. More details to follow in the fall of 2019. Thanks to all who participated in this project.

    May 2019

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We've just completed a full audit and update of the Engineering Resources and Engineering Job Boards resource lists. Both lists have been expanded, with 20 new additions to the Engineering Resources (view) and 17 to Engineering Job Boards (view). 
    • UPDATED ARTICLES/TOOLS: We recently conducted a full audit and review of the International Resumes (view) section, including updates of Sample Resumes Written by MyWorldAbroad (view) and Sample Resumes from Students (view).

    April 2019

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LIST: We recently completed an audit and update of the UN & Other IGOs Resources list (view), which now includes 44 up-to-date resources. 
    • EXPANDED RESOURCE LIST: We've now added dozens of suggested international podcasts to our Top International Blogs & Podcasts list (view), which now has more than 70 resources. 

    March 2019

    • ANNUAL LINK AUDIT COMPLETE: Each year we conduct a full audit of all linked resources and Article-URLs on our site to ensure that our content is up-to-date and functional. All 300+ articles and public/private pages of the site have been reviewed, as well as all 3,500+ resources. We are currently completing the minor tweaks resulting from this massive audit. 

    February 2019

    • STRATEGIC WEB DESIGN REVIEW: We are excited to be partnering with a first-rate team at the University of Michigan's School of Information, who will be conducting a four-month review of the MyWorldAbroad website and investigating the possibility of creating an app. Updates coming in the summer of 2019.
    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We recently completed an update of our International Development Career Resources section (75 resources, view). 
    • ANNUAL LINK AUDIT UNDERWAY: Each year we conduct a full audit of all linked resources and URLs on our site to ensure that our content is up-to-date and functional. We have begun this year's review process and expect it to be completed in March. 

    January 2019

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: We recently completed an update of our Licensed Teacher Abroad Resources (12 new resources added, view) and Licensed Teacher Abroad Job Board (3 new resources added, view). We have also completed full audits and updates of the NGO Job Boards (view) and NGO Directories (view) resource lists. Finally, we've expanded the Freelancing Abroad resource list, which now includes 29 resources (view). 

    December 2018

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: This month we updated our list of Awards & Grants in the Study Abroad section. This list now contains 42 up-to-date resources. (View.)

    November 2018

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: This month we continued our update of the resource lists in Part Four: The Professions. We've now updated and augmented the both the Health Careers Resources (view) and the Health and Medicine Job Boards (view) lists, which now contain 44 and 46 resources, respectively. 
    • NEW ARTICLE: Online Safety Abroad is an important new article covering the basics of staying secure while using the Internet abroad. (View.)
    • MAJOR UPDATE COMPLETE: MyWorldAbroad lists over 1,400 NGO profiles (view) and we're proud to announce that after several months of work, all English NGO resources have been audited and updated. This work was carried out by our researcher Dez Lamanilao. 

    September 2018

    • NEW ARTICLE: Succeeding at Video Interviews is a new article covering all the bases for nailing this popular new interview format. (View.)
    • UPDATED RESOURCE LIST: Following on the update of our International Law Careers Resources list, we have now fully audited and augmented the International Law Job Boards list, which now includes 28 boards and recruiters. (View.)
    • NEW SFA: A recent personal essay has now been added to our Stories from Abroad collection. Julia and her partner, Seth, run the inspiring blog. Check out Julia's Story from Abroad now!

    August 2018

    • MAJOR REVISION UNDERWAY: MyWorldAbroad lists over 1,500 NGO profiles (view). We are in the process of conducting a major resource review and have already worked through an audit of over 600 of the resources in the list. This update has also included deleting out-of-date NGO resources, of which we've found 21 so far. Keep your eye on this updates page for an announcement about the fully-revised list.

    July 2018

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LIST: As part of a major update of resource lists in The Professions, we've fully audited and updated the International Law Careers Resources, deleting 10+ outdated resources and adding 16 new ones. The list now contains 102 excellent resources (view).

    June 2018

    • MAJOR REVISION UNDERWAY: MyWorldAbroad lists over 1,500 NGO profiles (view). We've recently undertaken a major resource review project and are in the process of auditing and updating every one of our NGO listings. This is a major, multi-month project that we're pleased to be moving forward with.
    • NEW MINI-POSTERS: Client schools may already be familiar with our customized posters accessible here. We recently added a second option for posters, with page one containing four new mini-posters (view sample), and page two containing the regular large poster (view sample). The new mini-posters are easier to hand out to students or post on bulletin boards.
    • NEW ARTICLE: Personal Story: Growing Abroad in Hong Kong & South Korea is a thoughtful, comprehensive look at teaching abroad, including excellent advice for anyone hoping to teach in Hong Kong by Julia Rucinski. (View.) Julia and her partner chef run the blog.

    May 2018

    • NEW ARTICLE: Personal Story: Finding Home by Teaching Abroad is an insightful look at long-term cross-cultural immersion by teacher abroad and blogger Seth Schy. (View.) Seth and his partner Julia run the blog.
    • ANNUAL AUDIT OF RESOURCES: Each year, our researchers conduct a full audit of the links and logos for all our 4,000+ resources. Over April and May, our researcher Dez Lamanilao audited our full collection, updating 45 resources, deleting 42 out-of-date resources, and updating hundreds of logos. 
    • ANNUAL AUDIT OF ARTICLE LINKS: Each year, our researchers conduct a full audit of the live links in all 300+ of our articles. This May, links in all articles, public and client pages were tested, with 18 out-of-date links being removed or updated. 

    April 2018

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: Our Teach English Abroad Resources and Teach English Abroad Job Boards resource lists have been audited and updated, thanks to our researcher, Dez Lamanilao. The MWA site now features 57 updated resources for Teaching English Abroad (view) and 98 English teaching job boards (view).

    February 2018

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: Our Resources for International Students, Loans for Study Abroad and International Associations with Clubs on Campus resource lists have been audited and updated, thanks to our researcher, Dez Lamanilao. Our site now features 52 resources for international students (view), 19 resources for study abroad loans (view) and 38 international associations with clubs on campus resources (view).
    • NEW FREE SERVICE: The Global Nudge Postcard Series has just launched! This set of vibrant postcards features bite-sized pieces of key advice to get your students thinking about going abroad and building international career skills. Print and share up to 12 of these attractive and informative cards. Contact us to have the postcards customized for your specific office or department. (View samples: page-1page-2, page-3page-4). See all the details here.

    January 2018

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: Our Top International BlogsExpat Networking Sites and Travel Health & Safety resource lists have been audited and updated, thanks to our researcher, Dez Lamanilao. Our site now features 52 international blogs (view), 22 resources in the Expat Networking Sites list (view) and 42 Travel Health & Safety resources (view).

    December 2017

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: Our Cross-cultural SkillsRelocating Abroad, Re-entryChildren & Families Overseas and Women Living & Working Overseas lists have been fully audited and updated. Cross-cultural Skills now has 78 individual resources (view), Women Living & Working Overseas now contains 16 up-to-date blogs, books and Web pages (view), and the Children & Families list now contains 22 (view). Relocating Abroad now contains 18 (view), and Re-entry has 13 books, sites and resources (view).

    November 2017

    • UPDATED RESOURCE LISTS: Our Working Holidays and Au Pair lists have been fully audited and updated. The Working Holidays list now contains 57 up-to-date resources (view), and the Au Pair list now contains 35 (view). 

    October 2017

    • MAJOR SOCIAL MEDIA PROJECT: Our Global Nudge Social Media Campaign project is finally underway. Since the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, a number of our client schools have already begun implementing our year-round campaigns, using our collection of 300+ customized, co-branded images. Check out the campaign details (view). 
    • NEW ARTICLE: Where Should You Take A Full Degree Abroad? is our latest study abroad focused article, geared towards those who want to undertake a full graduate or undergraduate degree overseas. (View)
    • NEW ARTICLE: The Highest-paying English Teaching Jobs Abroad gathers concise, high-level notes about English teaching in several higher-paying nations. (View)
    • NEW QUICK GUIDE: How to Research an Organization provides a variety of tips to help students target their ideal programs abroad. (View)

    September 2017

    • RESOURCE UPDATE: This month, our researcher completed a full audit and review of three key resource lists in our Getting Experience section. Internship Job Boards and Advice (view), Volunteer Job Boards and Advice (view), and Internships with the UN & Other IGOs (view) were all audited, obsolete programs were removed and several brand new resources added. These lists now have 50, 53 and 150 resources, respectively.

    July 2017

    • MAJOR RESOURCE UPDATE: This month, a full audit and review of our International Internship Organizations (view) resource list was completed. In combination with the recently-updated International Volunteer Organizations list, this resource list represents a core component of our Getting Experience section. This update included seven deletions, 19 new resource additions, and an update of the remaining 291 resources. The list now contains 310 individual resources. 

    June 2017

    • MAJOR RESOURCE UPDATE: Over the past two months, our lead researcher has been completing a full review and update of one of our most important resource lists, International Volunteer Organizations (view). Over 440 resources have been audited and updated, more than 40 new resources have been added, and approximately 20 resources which no longer fit our criteria have been deleted. This list now has 476 resources, making it one of the largest lists on MyWorldAbroad.

    May 2017

    • MAJOR RESOURCE UPDATE: Over the past four months, MyWorldAbroad staff have been conducting a broad-based research project, gathering and profiling over 225 new resources. These resources have now been loaded, significantly expanding several of our key resource lists, including All NGOs (view), International Volunteer Organizations (view), International internship Organizations (view), Study Abroad Resources (view) and International Student Resources (view). This brings our total number of resources to over 3,900. 
    • NEW ARTICLE: Pre-departure Ideas Checklist offers students helpful reflections for their go abroad preparation (also available as Word version). (View)

    February - April 2017

    • NEW SERVICE: Our Global Nudge Social Media Campaigns are fully-developed, year-long social media schedules loaded with content and messaging designed to encourage, inspire and inform your students with cross-cultural and global career advice. There are three year-long campaigns: the Career Services Campaign (140 messages), the Study Abroad Light Campaign (245 messages), the Study Abroad Plus Campaign (405 messages), and an additional French Campaign (190 messages). There also five Mini Campaigns (12+ messages each). Check out this exciting and powerful new service. (View description)
    • UPDATED CONTENT: Annual Links Audit: Each year we audit every link on our site to target and fix broken links. We checked 3,890 resources and identified 183 (4.63%) broken links. We also checked 300+ articles and all content pages for broken links. All these links have now been updated. Read our page on How We Update Content to learn more about how we provide you with quality information, and how often we update our content.
    • RESOURCE LIST: Study Abroad resource list fully updated, now containing 133 resource profiles. (View)

    January 2017

    • NEW QUICK GUIDE: Study Abroad is an important topic for all. (View English, French)
    • RESOURCE LIST: Learn A Language resource list fully updated, now containing 94 resource profiles (View)
    • RESOURCE LIST: Language Careers resource list fully updated, now containing 29 resource profiles. (View)

    December 2016

    • NEW ARTICLE: We have added a brand new article to our Teaching English Abroad section, Succeeding After Teaching English Abroad. This is an excellent set of advice for those who have been or are thinking of heading abroad to teach English for an extended period. (View)

    November 2016

    • UPDATED SECTION: Our Language Learning section has been fully revised and updated. We've added several brand new articles and completely reworked our advice to reflect the modern language learner. (View)

    August 2016

    • REVISED ARTICLES, PROFILES AND RESOURCES: The US Government section was revised with recent information from the 2014 Congressional Research Service paper on “Internships, Fellowships, and Other Work Experience Opportunities in the Federal Government.”  This added new and extensively vetted information on opportunities for students. There were edits made to US Government articles as well as 20 US Government Profiles (view) as well as 23 resources in International Internships with the US Government (view).  We also added information about minority opportunities with various foundations and internship programs.

    July 2016

    • NEW SERVICE: The Global Nudge Newsletter was is being launched with our client schools this July and August, 2016. The Global Nudge has 12 monthly issues, each one developed to align with the school year cycle. Schools will be able to customize sections of the newsletter and pre-register individuals or groups of students for easy access. (View)
    • COMING in 2017: The Global Nudge Social Media Campaign is a brand new additional service that "individual departments" at client-schools can purchase to reach out to their targeted students. 

    June 2016

    • NEW SECTION: We are pleased to announce the release of our brand new section on International Business Careers! This major new section includes 10 individual articles, dealing with this crucial component of the new global economy. (View)

      May 2016

      • COMING this JULY, NEWSLETTER: The Global Nudge newsletter was successfully tested on June 17, 2016 with three of our client schools and it is being rolled out with our clients in July and August. The Global Nudge has 12 monthly issues, each one developed to align with the school year cycle. Schools will be able to customize sections of the newsletter and pre-register individuals or groups of students for easy access. (View)
      • COMING SOON, VISUAL GUIDES: Visual Guides are mobile-friendly, infographic-style versions of our most popular Quick Guides. 20 of these guides are currently under review for a future launch date. They will be offered in English, French and Spanish. Check them out on a desktop or laptop, and then check out the adaptable layout on your cell phone or iPad. Test three sample visual guides now:
        • The Ideal International Profile Visual Guide (View)
        • Travel Smarts Visual Guide (View
        • Budget Tips Visual Guide (View
      • NEW QUICK GUIDE: Understanding Culture Shock. We are delighted to release this major new addition to our content. This important guide includes new explanatory images (a U-curve of adjustment and a view of the culture iceberg) to help students understand this important topic. (View EnglishFrenchSpanish)
      • NEWLY REVISED QUICK GUIDE: Debunking the Myths: The Real Deal on International Work. We've made major updates to one of our most important Quick Guides. The guide is now clearer, more student-friendly and even more useful. (View English, French, Spanish
      • NEW QUICK GUIDE: How to Be an Ethical International Volunteer. We are very pleased to launch this new Quick Guide, written by Jennifer Lajoie of Western University. (View EnglishFrench)
      • NEW QUICK GUIDE: Women's Safety Abroad is an important topic for all empowered, independent female travelers. (View English, French)
      • NEW QUICK GUIDE: Funding Hacks: Going Abroad No Matter Your Budget is a crucial new article, offering budget and savings ideas for students of all financial means. The French version is also coming soon. (View English, French)

      April 2016

      • NEW ARTICLE: Funding Hacks: Going Abroad No Matter Your Budget is a crucial new article, offering budget and saving ideas for students of all financial means. (View)
      • NEW ARTICLES: Pre-departure and re-entry reading lists have now been added to each of our Getting Experience sections. Sample reading lists from our Study Abroad section: pre-departure view and re-entry view.)
      • NEWLY REVISED SECTION: The Study Abroad section was fully revised, with updated content and new articles. (View)
      • NEWLY REVISED SECTION: The Teaching English Abroad section was fully revised, with updated content and new articles. (View)
      • NEWLY REVISED SECTION: The Teaching Abroad As a Licensed Teacher section was fully revised, with updated content and new articles. (View)

      March 2016

      • UPDATED CONTENT: Annual Links Audit: Each year we audit every link on our site to target and fix broken links. We checked 3,850 resources and identified 49 (3%) broken links. We also checked 300+ articles and all content pages for broken links. All these links have now been updated. Read our page on How We Update Content to learn more about how we provide you with quality information, and how often we update our content.
      • NEWLY REVISED ARTICLE: Women's Safety Abroad to is comprehensive and empowering. (View)

      February 2016

      • NEW ARTICLE: In Becoming and Aid Worker: A Personal Take On How It's Done, aid worker Matthew Bolton offers personal insights into building a career in international development. (View)
      • ARTICLES: US Government: 12 articles updated. (View sample)
      • RESOURCE LIST: US Government Resources: Audited 33 resources. (View)
      • RESOURCE LIST: US Government Profiles: Audited 77 resources. (View)
      • RESOURCE LIST: International Internships With The US Government: Audited 41 resources. (View)
      • ARTICLES: Canadian Government: 10 articles updated. (View sample)
      • RESOURCE LIST: Canadian Government Resources: Audited 25 resources. (View)
      • RESOURCE LIST: Canadian Federal, Provincial And Territorial Government Profiles: Audited 66 resources. (View)
      • RESOURCE LIST: International Internships And Student Programs With Canadian Governments: Audited 37 resources. (View)

        September 2015 to January 2016

        • COMING SOON, NEW NEWSLETTER: The Global Nudge. We are very close to launching our exciting new newsletter, which will have 12 monthly issues based around the school year cycle. Schools will be able to customize sections of the newsletter and pre-register individuals or groups of students for easier access to the newsletter and the main site. (View)
        • COMING SOON, VISUAL GUIDES: These eight new Visual Guides are mobile-friendly, infographic-style versions of our most popular Quick Guides, and they're currently almost ready for publication. An additional 13 Visual Guides are already in the pipeline for an April 2016 launch. We're sure that this visual reworking of essential go abroad advice will be a popular addition to our collection of products. (View "drafts" sample onesample twosample threesample four.) 
        • NEW SERVICE: Quiz Management Instructions for Advisors outlines how to measure student preparedness and progress (how to collect data for groups of students) before and after they go abroad by using our International Quizzes. (View)
        • NEWLY REVISED ARTICLE: Debunking the Myths: The Real Deal on International Work. We've made major updates to one of our most important articles. This guide is now clearer, more student-friendly and even more useful. (View
        • NEWLY REVISED ARTICLE: Understanding Culture Shock. We are delighted to release this major new addition to our content. This important article now includes new explanatory images (a U-curve of adjustment and a view of the culture iceberg) to help students understand this important topic. (View)
        • NEW ARTICLE: How to Be an Ethical International Volunteer. We are very pleased to launch this new Quick Guide, written by Jennifer Lajoie of Western University. (View)

        August 2015

        • RESOURCE LIST: 358 job board resources were meticulously updated and 113 new boards were added. This two-month job has resulted in a grand total of 446 job boards in 23 categories, each profile highlights the organization or firm's international job services. (View)
        • RESOURCE LIST: Revised teaching abroad resources. The teach abroad job boards and resources were updated and used to create new specalized resource lists: Teaching English Abroad Job Boards (View), Teaching English Abroad Resources (View), Licensed Teacher Abroad Job Boards (View), and Licensed Teacher Abroad Resources (View). These new resources lists will make it easier for users to find teaching jobs that match their skill set. 

          July 2015

          • NEW TRAINING PRODUCT UPDATE: International Quizzes are now better than ever with a new added focus on training potential. We have made four major changes: 1) a new, detailed description on how to use our quizzes to enhance student training programs (see bottom of Master Scorecard page); 2) a new layout for the Master Scorecard page, showing a header with the student's name and school, as well as the individual scores for each quiz; 3) a new "Download Scorecard" button allowing students to print their scores; and 4) a new set of forms has been added, allowing students and schools to track scores both before and after students go abroad. (View new features).

          June 2015

          • NEW FEATURE: Quick Guides have a redesigned layout and we've added new training notes for schools at the bottom of the landing page. (View)
          • NEW FEATURE: New sample link wording for individual quizzes and Quick Guides, helping schools link to these tools in newsletters and on social media. (View)

          May 2015

          • ANNOUNCEMENT: (Part 1): MyWorldAbroad has been named as an official Commitment Partner for IIE's Generation Study Abroad and is a proud supporter of the 400 universities dedicated to doubling the number of students going abroad by the year 2020. In celebration of Generation Study Abroad, MyWorldAbroad is providing free access to a core selection of our comprehensive online training materials, geared towards helping students build global competencies and maximize the career value of their time abroad. MyWorldAbroad is providing schools worldwide with free instant access (see Student Landing Page) to: eight Quick Guides on building global skills, seven International Quizzes to assess study abroad preparedness and 75+ inspirational Stories from Abroad. Schools can link to these materials (see instructions) and use them in student advising and workshops with a focus on integrating career success into students' study abroad experiences.
          • ANNOUNCEMENT: (Part 2): Our Client Schools have full access to all the above and much more! We have up-dated the layouts and increased the functionality of these services: Check out our 30 Quick Guides with their new layout and increased school notes on how schools to make use of these popular guides. Our International Quizzes also have a new layout, new school training notes, and most importantly, an automated scorecard generator to measure student readiness and progress (see details in June notes above). Stories From Abroad has a new layout and new student profiles.

          April 2015

          • NEW FEATURE: Eight Quick Guides are now available in Spanish and four additional Guides are now available in French. These additions will help students articulate their international skills with professional terminology when applying with Spanish or French employers. (View)
          • CLIENT SERVICES: Addition to the Marketing Campaign: How to set up a MyWorld booth at a study abroad fair. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: 350 French resources have been updated. These resources are located in multiple resource lists.

          March 2015

          • CLIENT SERVICES: MyWorldAbroad Talking Points help you to share our information with staff, faculty and students. (View or print MWA Talking Points.)
          • NEW FEATURE: MyWorldBuzz is a new category of the MyWorldBlog and is designed to highlight breaking news about our service. Follow this section!
          • NEW FEATURE: Quick Guides are now being shared weekly on the MyWorldBlog. This gives schools and easy way to feature one Quick Guide at a time.
          • NEW ARTICLE: Why A Gap Year? was recently written and added to our Working Holidays & Gap Years section.

          February 2015

          • NEW FEATURE: Improved Usage Stats layout helps schools see which of their marketing efforts are working. The new layout now shows the field "How did you hear about MyWorldAbroad?"
          • PUBLISHED ARTICLE by JM Hachey: How Can Young Professionals Find International Jobs, Careering Magazine, Winter 2015 issue (Global Issue), pg. 16, Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC).
          • PUBLISHED ARTICLE by JM Hachey: Test Your International IQ: Are you ready to work abroad?, Career Options, Winter 2015, (special section "International"), pg. 30, Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE).
          • NEW CONTENT: White Paper on Campus Internationalization: We are very pleased to re-publish our White Paper entitled “International Academic Mobility: Two Decades of Practice” written by Daniel Guay, a leading thinker and innovator who focuses on how universities can organize themselves to promote international exchanges on campus.

          January 2015

          • NEW FEATURE: User Stats has a new Summary Overview table providing detail stats about usage at our client schools. (View)
          • NEW FEATURE: FAQs: Access answers to all the major go abroad questions. Updated regularly. (View)
          • UPDATED CONTENT: Discover the Career Value of Going Abroad! Find new links and content in the right-hand sidebar. (View

          December 2014

          • UPDATED CONTENT: Annual Links Audit: Each year we audit every link on our website to correct broken links. We checked 3,890 resources and identified 183 (4.63%) broken links. We also checked 300+ Articles plus other content pages for broken links. Our researchers will be up dating these during the next couple of months. Read about How We Update Content to learn how we organize our staff to provide you with quality information, and how often we update our content.

          November 2014

          • SPEAKING EVENTS: November is Jean-Marc Hachey's busiest speaking month, with many events centered on International Education Week. See his seminar schedule and seminar details.  

          September 2014

          • NEW FEATURE: New Right-Hand Sidebar Block: Discover the Career Value of Going Abroad! See surveys and stats linking your experiences abroad to future career success. (View
          • QUICK GUIDE: Two New Guides: 1) LinkedIn: Creating A Standout Student Profile (view) and 2) Social Media for Career Success (view).
          • NEW TRAINING PRODUCT: PRE-RECORDED VIDEO: Mini-Introduction to MyWorldAbroad: 19-minute pre-recorded video designed especially for student interns and advisors from career and study abroad offices. This is the fastest way to learn about the MyWorldAbroad Web site. The first five minutes cover the essentials of the site, and how you can help students use MyWorldAbroad. The following 14 minutes cover our overall philosophy and provide advice on how to help more senior or advanced students understand the international job search.

          August 2014

          • CLIENT SERVICES (Completion of 4-month campaign, project remains ongoing.): 
            Client training with multiple weekly webinars all summer:
              Webinar topics: (1) Introduction to MyWorldAbroad, (2) Marketing MyWorldAbroad to Students (3) Integrating MyWorldAbroad into Student Training Programs. View Webinar Registration page.
          • CLIENT SERVICES (Completion of 4-month campaign.): 
            Contacted clients schools to update their MyWorldAbroad home page
             by adding links to the multiple departments that support students going abroad. (View sample)
          • CLIENT SERVICES (Completion of 4-month campaign.): 
            Audited links to MyWorldAbroad on client Web sites
            , letting schools know when links needed to be updated and suggesting new locations for additional links.
          • CLIENT SERVICES (Completion of 4-month campaign, project remains ongoing.): 
            Corresponded with client schools about Quick Access System (QAS) links, and updated information about QAS locations on client Posters and Promotional Cards.

          July 2014

          • NEW CONTENT: Two New Articles Have Been Posted: 1) Sample Resumes From Students (view) and 2) One Student's Experience Preparing For An International Career (view).
            NEW CONTENT:  Three New Right Hand Side Bar Blocks: 1) Your International Resume & LinkedIn Profile (view), 2) You International Skills: Be More Than Just A Tourist (view), 3) 100+ Ideas To Maximize the Career Value of Your Time Abroad (view). View the right side on this page.
          • NEW FEATURE: Self-Evaluations: These are now available as Word documents to help staff setting up training programs for students going abroad. (View at bottom of page.) 
          • ARTICLES: Social Media Strategies in Getting Experience: Various updates added to articles on how to use social media when researching a volunteer or internship organization. (View sample article.)
          • QUICK GUIDES: All French Quick Guides reviewed and updated with latest translations. (View)

          June 2014

          • NEW FEATURE: Marketing Campaigns: 50 projects to help student advisors market the availability of MyWorldAbroad to students. (View)
          • NEW FEATURE: E-commerce system: This system allows individuals to purchase access to MyWorldAbroad (not for institutional users). 

          May 2014 (Release of MyWorldAbroad version 2.0)

          MyWorldAbroad 2.0: After eight months of development, we are proud to release version 2.0 with the following new features:

          • NEW FEATURE: International Quizzes: Seven new quizzes in three different areas: International IQ (view), international experience (view) and preparedness for the international job search (view). We have alsod eveloped a master scorecard to help students track progress (view).
          • NEW FEATURE: Right-Hand Sidebar Block: 13 new blocks have been added to righ-hand sidebar. View the right side on this page.
          • NEW FEATURE: Marketing Products: Four products customized for individual clients schools: school posters (print and electronic), promotional cards (color and B&W). (View sample)
          • NEW FEATURE: Self-Evaluations: Eight new articles focused on self-evaluation for students have been created for all sections in Getting Experience. View
          • NEW FEATURE: Jump to Content: The 4 BIG Things landing page (view) now links to four "Jump to Content" menus for faster access to our data. These new menus are also available from the footer. (View sample)
          • NEW FEATURE: "In A Rush?" Article Suggestions: Essential articles have been compiled and linked for four areas: International Skills (10 articles), Getting Experience (14 articles), Finding Work (10 articles), The Professions (11 articles). (View)
          • NEW FEATURE: Quick Registration System (QRS): New for schools using the Quick Access System (QAS); the Quick Registration System prompts students to go through a fast registration process when they star an article or resource, or when they access the quizzes (view). (View more details on MWA registration systems.)
          • NEW FEATURE: New Instructions for Student Advisors: We have just launched three new pages: Content Updates (this document) tracks the most recent changes and additions to the site; How We Update Content (view) describes how we organize our research staff and how often we update conten; and Product Description (view) provides you with a comprehensive list of all our services. These pages are accessible from the MyWorldAbroad footer, in the Student Advisor column.
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Internship Job Boards And Advice: Updated 10. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Internship Organizations: Updated 226, discarded 26, added 31 new resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Volunteer Job Boards And Advice: Updated 19 resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Volunteer Organizations: Updated 334, discarded 36, added 70 new resources. (View)

          April 2014

          • NEW FEATURE: Usage Statistics:  Allows school administrators access to all types of MyWorldAbroad usage statistics. (View)
          • NEW FEATURE: Alumni Access: Allows school administrators to provide alumni with access to MyWorldAbroad. (View)
          • NEW ARTICLE: LinkedIn: Creating A Stand-Out Student Profile: New article added to section Social Media For Career Success. (View)
          • ARTICLE: US Government: 12 articles updated. (View sample)
          • ARTICLE: The World Online: Updated article. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: US Government Resources: Audited 34 resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: US Government Profiles: Audited 78 resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Internships With The US Government: Audited 42 resources. (View)
          • ARTICLES: Canadian Government: 10 articles updated. (View sample)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Canadian Government Resources: Audited 25 resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Canadian Federal, Provincial And Territorial Government Profiles: Audited 66 resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Internships And Student Programs With Canadian Governments: Audited 37 resources. (View)

          March 2014

          • NEW SECTION: Social Media for Career Success: New section with four new articles. (View)
          • QUICK GUIDE: Voyager intelligemment: New French Quick Guide translation. (View)
          • QUICK GUIDE: Conseils budgétaires pour voyageurs étudiants: New French Quick Guide translation. (View)
          • QUICK GUIDE: Des Stratégies d’Aide Professionnelle pour les Étudiants Étrangers en Amérique du Nord: New French Quick Guide translation. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Top International Blogs: Reviewed blogs, discarded 10 out of date or discontinued blogs, added 21 new blogs. (View)
          • RESOURCE UPDATES: Part Two: Getting Experience: Added new resources from master resource list to: Resources for International Students Studying in US or Canada (5), Expatriate Networking sites (2), Travel Health and Safety (2), Low Cost Travel (2), Working Vacation Resources (2), Learn a Foreign Language (1), Awards and Grants (2), Study Abroad Resources (8).

          February 2014

          • ANNUAL LINK AUDIT: 4,000+ Resources: Annual review of all link in all resources, fixed 273 broken links.
          • QUICK GUIDE: Travel Smarts: New Quick Guide. (View)
          • QUICK GUIDE: Budget Tips for Student Travellers: New Quick Guide. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: All Job Boards: Added 20 new job boards. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Regional Job Boards: Added eight new regional job boards. (View)
          • RESOURCE UPDATES: Part One: International Skills: Added new resources: Cross Cultural Skills (1), Relocating Abroad (1), Children and Families Abroad (2), Women Living and Working Abroad (2).

          January 2014

          • ANNUAL LINKS AUDIT: 300+ Articles: Annual review of all links in all articles, fixed 42 broken links.
          • RESOURCE LIST: Health Career Resources: Updated nine, discarded 12, added 22 new resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Health and Medicine Job Boards: Added 41 new job boards. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Business and Finance Job Boards: Added 43 new job boards. (View)

          November 2013

          • RESOURCE LIST: International Law Career Resources: Updated 50 resources, discarded 8, added 33 new resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Law Job Boards: Added 10 new job boards. (View)

          October 2013

          • RESOURCE LIST: Engineering Resources: Updated 35 resources, discarded 1, added 22 new resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: Engineering Job Boards: Added 24 new job boards. (View)

          August 2013 (Release of MyWorldAbroad version 1.0)

          • LAUNCH MyWorldAbroad 1.0: After 2.5 years of development, we are proud to release version 1.0 with new features too numerous to document here. We retired our old site The BIG Guide to Living and Woking Overseas.
          • RESOURCE LIST: All Job Boards: Reviewed and updated all Job Boards (approx. 200), removed approx. 30, removed accounting tag, ensured that job boards on career job boards also appeared on all job board. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Job Hunting Resources: Updated 11, removed two. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: International Internships with Canadian Government: Uploaded or reviewed coding for 26 resources.  (View)
          • ALL ARTICLES: UN and Other IGOs: Reviewed and updated articles. (View sample)
          • RESOURCE LIST: UN and Other IGOs: Added 139 new resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: UN and Other IGOs Resources: Reviewed and updated 14 resources, discarded seven, added four new resources. (View)
          • RESOURCE LIST: UN and Other IGOs Job Boards: Reviewed and updated seven resources, discarded seven, added four new job boards. (View)