MyWorldAbroad Certificate Program

Under construction: UPDATE 2023/12/15: We have finished and successfully tested the user interface for our new Certificate Program. We now plan to go live on Jan 4th 2024, stay tuned.

MyWorldAbroad Certificate Program

Soon, students will be able to complete six online courses involving reading and reflection. Both students and schools will be able to track progress through these courses, which are aligned with the main MyWorldAbroad parts and sections. 

  • This is our new product logo:

  • Explore our NEW User Interface with course outlines (as of Sept 27, 2023). The six courses are crafted for students to seamlessly guide their own cross-cultural learning, and can be delivered at scale with or without school oversight.

  • These new "overview" documents help students and staff understand the structure and focus of our online learning courses.
  • Below, you'll find other important documents to help you evaluate MyWorldAbroad's integrity guardrails.
    • The total duration of the Certificate Program, which includes 6 courses, ranges from 10 to 18 hours.
    • School administrators will have the capability to monitor the program progress of an individual student, an entire class/group, or the whole school.
    • Read about MyWorldAbroad's Credentials & Achievement Badge. (Word document).
    • Note to students ABOUT THE HONOR SYSTEM:  
      "Completion of MyWorldAbroad certificates relies on the honor system. Your school may verify your completion by asking for a copy of your Course Score Card or Exercise Workbook."