MyWorldAbroad's Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Done Right

MyWorldAbroad offers social media campaigns to suit every need. Below you'll find links to fully-developed, year-long schedules, loaded with cross-cultural learning messaging and global career advice. Plus, we also offer short, targeted mini-campaigns for those who want a super-quick solution.

Campaigns include inspiring quotes, calls to action, links to MWA content, holiday & observance messages, dynamic images and more. Start sharing today! 

    Want the quickest solution? Try a MINI CAMPAIGN!

    Mini-campaigns make it simple for career centers and study abroad offices to share key links and calls to action online. These campaigns include a selection of standalone messages and images, to be shared at your convenience.

    We have ten mini campaigns: promoting: * The Global You, * 10 Core Global Competencies, * Virtual International Internships, * encouraging students to gain experience abroad, * top Quick Guide links, International Quizzes, and  * advice for the Go Abroad Cycle (before, during and after international experiences). Find mini-campaign wording and image links in the files below:

    Some clients have even chosen to create their own short campaigns, using the messaging categories found in the year-long Excel spreadsheets. To do this, simply download a year-long spreadsheet (found below) and review the coloured tabs at the base of the file to select the messaging you wish to share.  

    Want to add a dynamic touch? Use CUSTOMIZED IMAGES!

    MyWorldAbroad is pleased to offer free design services to help your office customize the footers of our social media images. Have a look at these templates and then contact us to discuss your customization:

    Want to increase your impact? Load a YEAR-LONG CAMPAIGN!

    Implementing a year-long campaign takes a bit more effort, but has more impact. Our comprehensive campaigns will give a major boost to the pro-career, pro-go-abroad content of your social feeds. These campaigns were designed with the school year cycle in mind, and content was developed to be both enlightening and motivating. Take a look:

    For quick instructions and image samples: View English version or French version.

    CHOOSE & DOWNLOAD one of our sample year-long campaigns (Excel). Customize dates and content as needed. If your institution uses Hootsuite Pro, or another social media management platform, contact for .csv files for easy preloading.

    DOWNLOAD the Social Media Images package (.zip file contains images and folders for all campaigns):

    Trouble downloading? STEP ONE: Click the filename above to download .zip file (note, most browsers save files in the "Download" folder). STEP TWO: Move the .zip file to the desired folder. Unzip the file by right-clicking the file name and choosing "Extract."


    WE'RE HERE TO HELP! Our campaigns are designed to be fully customizable to meet your office's unique needs. We would like to hear your suggestions and find solutions. 

    NOTE: Reproduction rights for Social Media Campaigns are granted exclusively to schools with a site license for MyWorldAbroad.

    Reach out to us for a 20-minute discussion about our social media free services by contacting: 

    Jean-Marc Hachey