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  • Want to access essential advice about going abroad, building international skills, and landing an international job? MyWorldAbroad's Quick Guides are full of career-boosting info that you can access right now. Guides are available in English, French and Spanish. Highly recommended!

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  • The Four Parts to Acquiring Global Career Skills: So you want an international career? The global workforce is highly competitive, but by following MyWorldAbroad’s four-part approach to international career-building, you’ll place yourself ahead of the crowd!

International Skills 

  • Your International IQ: People who have traveled and lived abroad are different from those who haven't. In this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide, you'll learn what an International IQ is, and how to build one.
  • Women's Safety Abroad: The world is full of empowered female solo travelers. This guide has been designed to help you recognize variations in gender relations, while remaining strong, safe and independent.
  • Understanding Culture Shock: Everyone goes through a process of cultural adaptation when they move abroad. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide describes the phases of culture shock, and offers expert tips on how to cope.
  • The North American Identity in the International Workplace: Did you know that being able to describe and analyze your own culture is a key part of your International IQ? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you become more objective about North American workplace culture.
  • Re-entry Shock: So you’ve been abroad and had a life-changing experience; but now it's time to head home. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you deal with re-entry shock and readjustment as you return to your home country.

Acquiring Experience 

  • 10 Easy Ways for First-year Students to Build International Skills: This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide gives you the inside scoop on how to use your first year in college to gain cross-cultural experience and boost your post-grad job prospects.
  • 24 Ways To Help You Go International: Having real-world international experiences will enrich your life, give you a fresh perspective and open the door to countless professional opportunities. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will get you started on the path to building international skills.
  • Career-boosting Strategies for International Students Studying in North America: Are you an international student studying in North America? Are you interested in maximizing the career value of your time in the US or Canada? If so, don't miss this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide!
  • Travel Smarts: Getting ready to go abroad is about more than just buying your ticket and hopping on a plane. Get tips on how to prepare for your upcoming journey in this essential MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide.
  • Funding Hacks: Going Abroad No Matter What Your Budget: When you’re abroad, you’ll want to focus on the incredible cross-cultural experiences you’re having, not be worrying about your budget. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will give you the motivation to think practically about your finances.
  • Study Abroad for a Great Education: Studying abroad is the quickest, easiest route towards developing the global competencies that lead to better job prospects. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you learn about the study abroad application process, how to get prepared for your journey, and how to develop the best attitude for your international experience.
  • Career-boosting Strategies While Studying Abroad: Have you considered supercharging your time abroad by incorporating a professional component? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you make the most of your study abroad adventure.
  • Researching Internationally Focused Degrees in the US, Canada and Worldwide: Having an international studies focus in your degree is a great way to build cross-cultural understanding and a strong global perspective. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide links you to online databases, where you can search for the perfect college program.
  • How to Apply for an International Internship Without Ever Having Traveled Abroad: As someone who has never traveled abroad, how can you compete with thousands of other students and land an international internship? Learn how to develop your approach and build your confidence with this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide.
  • How to Survive Your First International Internship: There's no such thing as a perfect internship. Succeeding is about maintaining good workplace habits and professionalism, but also about having a good sense of humor. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you prepare.
  • Job Hunting During Your International Internship: Boosting the career potential of your time abroad is all about perspective and confidence. Are you bold, curious and prepared to act on every opportunity? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you gain clarity and achieve your goals.
  • The Go Abroad Application Process: Volunteering, interning, teaching, studying or working abroad are some of the most popular ways to see the world; but before rushing to apply for the first program you find, there are some important questions to answer. Read this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide to find out what they are.
  • How to Be an Ethical International Volunteer: Volunteering abroad can be a life-altering experience, both for the volunteer and for host country locals. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide offers in-depth advice on how to be a more effective volunteer abroad by staying open-minded, observant and adaptable.
  • Career Tips Before You Travel Abroad: If you’re about to head abroad, you’re surely bursting with excitement; but did you know that going abroad also holds serious career-boosting potential? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide provides killer advice on making the very most of your trip.
  • Career Tips During Your Travels Abroad: So you're heading abroad. You already know that this is a perfect opportunity to boost your international career potential, but what specific strategies should you use? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide has the answer.
  • Career Tips After Your Time Abroad: Now you’ve been abroad, collected incredible experiences and built an array of invaluable international skills. It’s time to head home and begin your job search, and this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will put you on the right track.
  • Teaching English Overseas: A Stepping Stone to International Careers: Teaching English is one of the easiest ways to spend an extended period of time abroad, allowing you to earn money while building crucial skills. If you're considering going abroad to teach English, check out this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide.
  • Language Learning and International Careers: Knowledge of one or more foreign languages adds an important dimension to your international skill set, and puts you in direct contact with foreign cultures. Check out this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide for more.

Finding Work 

  • The Ideal International Profile: What does it take to stand out from the crowd? What are the skills that international employers look for in their applicants, and what can you do to build them? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide has the answers.
  • Debunking the Myths: The Real Deal on International Work: Get realistic about working internationally! This must-read MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide outlines a no-fail strategy for finding and landing international work in the new global economy. 
  • LinkedIn: Creating a Standout Student Profile: LinkedIn now has over 200 million members, making it one of the biggest online networks around. What’s special about it? Answer: The professional focus! This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will get you started on the platform, no matter what your experience level.
  • Social Media for Career Success: Social media isn’t just about connecting with friends anymore – it’s a way to boost your career potential, develop your personal brand and extend your professional networks. Learn how to use social media to your advantage with this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide.
  • Marketing Your International Experience to Employers: If you've traveled or lived abroad, then you've built a high-value skill set. But being able to describe your international experiences is almost as important as the experiences themselves. Learn how to assess your skills and how to explain them in a way that will impress an employer in this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide.
  • Selling Your International Skills With an Elevator Pitch: You never know when you might run into a potential employer who surprises you with the phrase "Tell me about yourself." An elevator pitch is a short, comprehensive (and impressive) description of your skills and objectives. You should always have one ready, and this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will tell you how to prepare one.
  • An Overview of International Resumes: Did you know that international resumes are different from domestic resumes? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will tell you how they differ, and let you know how to make your international resume stand out from the crowd.
  • International Resumes Are Different: Writing an international resume requires you to think deeply about your professional personality as well as your skills and experience. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide tells you how to self-assess and construct a winning international resume based on your analysis.
  • Interviewing for an International Job: How can you land your international dream job? Well, giving the perfect interview will certainly help! This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide tells you how to conduct yourself at every stage of the interview process in order to win over your future employer.
  • International Careers, Love Affairs and the Trailing Spouse: Balancing cross-cultural integration with pre-existing relationships is complicated. How do you navigate a whole new culture while maintaining good communication with your partner, spouse or family? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will tell you how to make the situation manageable.
  • Spousal Employment and Freelancing Abroad: So, you’re taking the leap and accompanying a partner or spouse on an international journey. It might feel like your own goals are becoming secondary, but don’t despair! This is also an opportunity for your personal growth. Read this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide for advice.

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  • MyWorldAbroad has excellent International Quizzes to help you find out which knowledge and skill areas you should build up in order to make the most of your travels. They help you assess your strengths and plan your path to career success in the new global economy. 

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  • Check out MyWorldAbroad's inspiring first-hand Stories From Abroad, written by real students who have had successful volunteer, intern, study and work abroad experiences. Highly recommended.

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  • EDITOR'S NOTE: Consider linking to individual stories from students at your school. Find the URL for that student, and make use of excellent wording for each Story From Abroad by searching our MyWorldBlog filtered for Stories From Abroad.