Sample Link Wording for Individual Quick Guides and International Quizzes

If you want to create a link to an individual Quick Guide or quiz, or share one on your social media feed, feel free to use some of the promotional wording offered below. We've created simple descriptions for each of our instant access pages to make sharing even easier. 

Sample Wording for Individual Quick Guides

  • The Four Parts to Acquiring Global Career Skills: So you want to have an international career? The global workforce is competitive, but by following MyWorldAbroad's four-part approach to international career-building, you'll place yourself ahead of the crowd!
  • Your International IQ: People who have traveled and lived abroad are different from those who haven't! This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide tells you exactly what is an International IQ and how to build one.
  • Understanding Culture Shock: Everyone goes through a process of cultural adaptation when they move abroad. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide describes culture shock, its component phases and offers expert tips on how to cope.
  • The North American Identity in The International Workplace: Did you know that being able to describe and analyze your own culture is a key part of an International IQ? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will help you get objective about North American work culture.
  • 10 Easy Ways for First Year Students to Build International Skills: This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide gives you the inside scoop on how to use your first years in college to gain cross-cultural experience and boost your post-grad job prospects.
  • 24 Ways To Help You Go International: Building real-world international experience will enrich your life, give your new perspective, and open the door to countless new professional opportunities. This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide will get your started on your cross-cultural future.
  • Career-Boosting Strategies for International Students Studying in North America: Are you an international student studying in North America? Are you interested in maximizing the career value of your time in the US or Canada? If so, don't miss this MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide.
  • The Ideal International Profile: What does it take to stand out from the crowd? What are the skills that international employers look for in their applicants and what can you do to build them? This MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide has the answers.
  • Debunking The Myths: The Real Deal on International Work: Get realistic about working internationally! This must-read MyWorldAbroad Quick Guide outlines a no-fail strategy for finding and landing international work in the new global economy.  

Sample Wording for Individual Quizzes

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