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Top Tips On Going Abroad & Your Career

Find the most important information fast! Scan our top five tips on 40 go abroad subject areas: international skills, getting experience, finding work, the professions.


Being international requires more than just wanderlust. Whether you’re encountering members of a foreign culture on a sightseeing trek, or applying for a professional position abroad, it’s your international skills that will set you apart from the crowd. Use these articles and resources to learn what skills internationally-focused recruiters are looking for, and what it takes to succeed abroad in a multicultural team. Start building your International IQ now.


International careers are built step-by-step over time. To build your International IQ, you’ll need to acquire multiple layers of international experience at home and abroad. You can start building your skills on campus by taking part in internationally-oriented activities, but there’s nothing more valuable than fully immersing yourself in a foreign culture. Use the articles and resources in this part of the guide to start planning your experience abroad.


Preparation is the key to any successful job search. Whether you’re applying for an internationally-oriented position at home, or embarking on a career abroad, this part of the guide will help you research, apply for, and land the job you want. We particularly recommend reading Debunking the Myths: The Real Deal on International Work, which explains why a sector-oriented job search (as opposed to a country-specific one) is the ideal approach.


The Professions outlines multiple sectors with long-term prospects. Learn how targeting internationally-focused employers in your home country can be a gateway to an international career, and learn to recognize the types of employers that regularly hire recent grads for international work. Whether you’re a first-year deciding on your major or a recent graduate entering the workforce, take some time and explore the advice and opportunities that this part has to offer.

Good luck with all your international endeavors!