Your International Resume & LinkedIn Profile


Your International Resume & LinkedIn Profile

For those in a rush, we have assembled THE ESSENTIAL ARTICLES to get you on your way!

Learn the major differences between an international resume and a domestic one; and find out how to demonstrate that you have the international skills and professional experience necessary to land an international job (at home or abroad). Note that while developing a traditional resume is still a key part of the job search process, having a great LinkedIn profile is also essential. 

Preparation is the key to any successful job search. Whether you’re applying for an internationally-oriented position at home, or embarking on a career abroad, the articles below will help you research, apply for, and land the job you want. We particularly recommend reading Debunking the Myths: The Real Deal on International Work, which explains why a sector-oriented job search (as opposed to a country-specific one) is the ideal approach.

Essential Concepts for Writing An International Resume 

Creating Your International Resume

Your LinkedIn Profile

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