The Global Nudge Postcard Series

Reproduction rights for the Postcard Series are granted exclusively to schools with a site license for MyWorldAbroad.

The Global Nudge Postcard Series (GNPS) is a vibrant collection of 12 individual cards, designed to get students thinking about going abroad and building international career skills.

Each card features bite-size pieces of key advice, drawn from our most popular Quick Guides. Print any number of these attractive and informative cards and share them in your office or across campus. These 12 cards help staff and students to focus on the essential/most important go abroad messages.

  • Check out sample cards here
  • Check out our management table, which lists the twelve cards, their equivalent Quick Guides, and their two main themes:
    • Series A (pages-1&2) Thinking about going abroad?: Encourages students to go abroad.
    • Series B (pages-3&4) Make the Most of Your Time Abroad!: Helps students who are going abroad.


This service is free for our client-schools. GNPS cards are co-branded,
featuring your school's logo and your office's URL, as well as
MyWorldAbroad registration info. Simply provide us with the following information:

Item-1: Department name. Provide it as you would like it to appear on the card. (Note: We already have your school logo.)

Item-2: Office info. Provide a URL, contact details or program info. Maximum two lines, 75 characters per line (including spaces). One line is ideal.

Item-3: Inspiring messages. Choose one of the following:

  • Challenge yourself! Go abroad!
  • Expand your horizons – go abroad!
  • Going abroad – part of a great education!
  • Think international! Go international!
  • Think global and succeed!
  • Discover your international self!
  • Get inspired! Go abroad!
  • See the world, build your future!
  • Time to see the world?


  • Distribute postcards anywhere students will pick them up!
  • Display and hand out cards as a vibrant addition to your front desk or resource center.
  • Distribute postcards at a study abroad fair, job fair, pop-up booth, international event or during classroom presentations about international opportunities. 
  • Post a full set of cards on the wall in a public area or post a different card each month on a bulletin board.
  • Hand them out to students in busy hallways. 
  • Have faculty share them in internationally-focused courses. 
  • Hand out cards during one-on-one student advising sessions.
  • Include cards as training materials for all types of workshops.  
  • Consider packaging collections of postcards in envelopes:
    • SERIES A Envelope: Thinking of going abroad? Package the first six cards (pages 1 & 2) in an envelope designed to encourage students to go abroad. (Estimated print cost for this package of 6 postcards is $1.17).
    • SERIES B Envelope: Make the most of your time abroad!  Provide the full series of 12 cards (pages 1 to 4) to all students who are confirmed to go or have already gone abroad. (Estimated print cost for this package of 12 postcards is $2.24.)


  • For best results, print postcards on card stock (65 lbs.) using a color laser printer. 
  • We recommend printing single-sided cards for easier distribution. If printing back-to-back (pg-1 with pg-2; and pg-3 with pg-4) cards are aligned for complementary back-to-back info.
  • Look for the discrete crop marks to locate the four cut lines. 
  • SPECIAL ORDERS? Schools may wish to only distribute a few specific postcards, if yes, we can supply you with pages containing the exact postcards you choose. Ask us about this or other custom orders.
  • ESTIMATE PRINTING COSTS color printing on single sided 65lbs card stock from Staples store: 600 postcards $124; 1,200 postcards $234. Provides good value in terms of training students on key aspects of going abroad.   

If you have any questions or feedback about the Global Nudge Postcard Series, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!

Reach out to us by phone or email.

Jean-Marc Hachey