Discover the Career Value of Going Abroad


Discover the Career Value of Going Abroad

Going abroad provides students with a multitude of opportunities to develop the international skills that are becoming crucial for almost any career path.

We live in a global economy, and those students with cross-cultural skills will be better equipped to thrive in the global job market, both at home and abroad. The selection of articles below offers a comprehensive introduction to the career value of international skills and experience. What are the implications of studying abroad on future career success? What are today's international employers really looking for? Check out the content below for answers to these and other questions. 

Making the Connection Between
Study Abroad and Career Success

  • Making the Case for Intercultural Learning: Career Readiness: Tarra Harvey from Truth North Intercultural makes the case in her blog that “intercultural competence is an in-demand skill” by referencing multiple studies in the US & UK. Tarra is one our favorite interculturalist, based in St. Paul Minnesota, she works with universities and colleges in the US and Canada and offers a well-respected online course: Building intercultural capacity at your institution.
  • IIE Report: Gaining an Employment Edge: The Impact of Study Abroad on 21st Century Skills & Career Prospects in the United States: This report (Oct 2017) demonstrates the links between international educational experience and the critical skills needed for employment in today’s workforce.
  • The Erasmus Impact Survey: This independent study (2018) demonstrates that students with international experience are more successful upon graduation. Lots of good info in this study but start with the these sections: -5.4 Competencies relevant to employment and a cohesive society, page 82; -5.5 Employability, page 89. 
  • Culture at Work: The value of intercultural skills in the workplace: Published by the British Council (March 2013), this report shows that employers value intercultural skills as highly as formal qualifications. They recognize the tangible business benefits of having a workforce with such skills and see the clear risks associated with employees lacking them.
  • Faktaa Hidden Competences: This insightful report (2014) shows that employers don't always recognize the complete set of skills built and demonstrated by international experience. This is an important read for students, advisors and employers alike. 
  • The ROI of Studying Abroad: This infographic, while dated as 2011, demonstrates the value that still exists today.

Have fun with all your go abroad endeavors -- and don't forget to maximize the career value of every experience abroad!