How To Set Up A Booth for MyWorldAbroad at Your Career or Study Abroad Fair


How To Set Up A Booth for MyWorldAbroad at Your Career or Study Abroad Fair

Set up a MyWorldAbroad (MWA) booth to spread the word: A good way to let students know about free access to MWA is to set up a booth during your campus career or study abroad fair. Here are some of the elements you'll need:

  • A large, visible poster: Design your poster to include a message directly from your department or admin office, encouraging students to take advantage of MWA. View our sample pdf poster and design your own version using our MS Word template. More MWA images are available on our Media Page. Alternatively, you can use the small poster already customized for your school (view).
  • Display technology: Showcasing MWA live on the internet makes a big impact. Set up a computer with a large screen, (or a large plasma TV screen on a stand would be fantastic) and give students the chance to see the MWA site in action. 
  • Go the extra mile to help students register for MyWorldAbroad: Add a second table to your booth with two computers to allow students to register and create their own MWA account at the fair. Consider having a door prize for all students who register for MWA. Measure your success by counting how many students registered by viewing the MWA usage stats before and after the fair (find Usage Stats). In addition, you can ask students to take one of our quizzes. We suggest: "Do you have an international personality?" (View quizzes.)
  • Ensure that the booth is staffed: An empty booth draws little attention. Share the workload with career or study abroad advisors, students interns or international students. The more energy, the better! Booth staff should share the following key messages with students:
    • Show students how to register for MyWorldAbroad using the e-mail registration system by going to www(dot)[your-school's-domain-name]. Hand students MWA promo cards and Quick Guides to help them keep it in mind (view).
    • Show students the site’s two most important menus, "What do you want to do?" for those who want to quickly access the essential info, and "The 4 BIG Things", which allows them to access the comprehensive collection of all MWA content. 
    • Discuss MyWorldAbroad Talking Points with students: The MWA Talking Points help booth personnel explain MWA to students, and they they provide a starting point for discussions about why experience abroad is so important. Print copies of our talking points for distribution in advance to booth personnel, and tape an extra copy directly onto the booth table. (View MWA Talking Points, print MWA Talking Points as an MS Word document)
  • Distribute MyWorldAbroad promo cards at the booth: (view) Have one of your student interns or ambassadors actively hand out promo cards to fair attendees, at the booth and at the fair entrance.
  • Distribute Quick Guides at the booth: Entice student users with Quick Guide content. Hand guides out or display multiple guides for students to peruse and take home. Client schools have full reproduction rights to our Quick Guides and the URLs to these guides are NOT password protected, so you can even consider having the links to them posted on your fair’s site. (View Quick Guides. Note that you must be logged in to access them.) Here are some of the most popular guides:
  • Use your fair's site and poster to cross-promote MyWorldAbroad: Consider adding a sentence like this to the fair site or poster: “The Career and Study Abroad offices encourage students to access MyWorldAbroad for go abroad career advice and resources.” Add a link to your school’s MWA registration page at www(dot)myworldabroad/[your-school’s-domain-name].

Best wishes and good luck with promoting access to MyWorldAbroad at your fair!

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