Why should I care about international work and travel?

Hi Craig,

Just four months abroad can change your life forever. No matter whether you are living in Sweden, volunteering in Ghana or backpacking in Thailand, a trip abroad will alter your perspective on your home country, and on the world as a whole. Most people only have two chances in life to do exciting things: before or during their 20s, when they have few obligations, and after they turn 55, when their children have left home and loan, mortgage and car payments are starting to get paid off. I highly encourage you to take four months off to travel, learn a language, or volunteer abroad. At the very least, the experience will open your eyes to the world, and it might change the course of your career or even your life. Going abroad is a lot easier than most students assume, and this entire Web site is dedicated to inspiring young people like yourself to take the plunge and head abroad. International experiences have personal value, but they also have huge professional value, and you'll thank yourself later if you begin developing your cross-cultural understanding now. So, what's in it for you? Everything!

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A number of my friends have gone abroad on study tours, and I'm starting to think that I should go too, but I’m still unsure about the whole thing. Why should I go abroad? What’s in for me?

-Craig, 17, Abilene, Texas