After a decade teaching abroad, am I still hirable at home?

Hello Mike,

The perspective of North American employers has been changing rapidly over the past decade, in response to changes in the new global economy. With the realization that the world is only growing more interconnected, global career skills have now become truly important in almost all fields of work. If you are abreast of Internet technology, attuned to North American cultural norms, and adaptable, you should have no problem. These days, international experience is anything but a hindrance when looking for work.

One last thought: Start job hunting while you are still abroad. It is often impressive for an American institution to receive an application from some far-off land. Make yourself available for telephone or Skype interviews and alert them to your return. Congratulations on having been so successful abroad, and we wish you continued success as you return home! Check out Coming Home (for registered users) for some general tips on re-entry. 

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Full question: 

I am currently working in education abroad, and have been for over a decade. I left the US because there were very few employment prospects for me at home, and going international seemed much more attractive. Now my family and I have had a huge array of wonderful international experiences, but I want to show them what life is like back home. When I left it seemed like expats had trouble finding work or were frowned upon by potential employers. Is this still the case? 

-Mike, 46, Seoul, S. Korea