Is going abroad right for me?

There are many characteristics that define a successful international employee, but there is one main trait that stands out as being essential: adaptability.

Ask yourself: “Do I enjoy change?” Your answer to this question will give you an idea of whether you are cut out for work and life abroad. 

People who enjoy international work love the process of adaptation and learning. They can learn to enjoy having soup for breakfast when in India (even though they love bacon and eggs at home) and relish having hot tea in the mid-afternoon sun while in Sri Lanka (even though sweltering heat might seem like the perfect time for a cold drink). Food and drink might be a simple analogy, but they give you the idea: Being open to changes in your daily routine makes you a strong candidate for international work. Communication skills and practical skills associated with your industry will also come in to play, of course, but the quality that ultimately makes international workers different is their love of change, their interest in other cultures, and their love of learning. Check out the Quick Guide The Ideal International Profile (for registered users).

Good luck!

Full question: 

How do I know whether working abroad is right for me? Is there a basic profile for the “ideal candidate”?

-Male, 22, Chicago, IL