Training Products


[EDITOR'S NOTE: As of Jan 2016, we are actively working on a yearlong project to design formal training modules that can stand on their own, or be integrated into your school’s training programs. Reach out to us if you would like to hear more or if you have questions about how MyWorldAbroad can help you with your school's training objectives.]

MyWorldAbroad is designed with training in mind! Schools that integrate our training products into their go-abroad programming have much better student usage stats and derive maximum benefit from our service. Below is a list of some of our most popular training products. 

  • Applicable Training Areas: Our training products can be used in multiple areas:
    • individual student advising
    • pre-departure and re-entry orientations
    • workshops on any of our eight go abroad areas in Getting Experiences (view)
    • workshops on international job-hunting
    • full credit courses: a few schools have designed credit-based courses entirely around our Web site.
    • international events: make use of our Quizzes or Self Evaluations to spice up your event
  • Staff Training Webinar: Consider attending our webinar: Integrating MyWorldAbroad into Student Training Programs (view).
  • FIRST TEST OF NEW NEWSLETTER: The Global Nudge newsletter was successfully tested on June  17, 2016 with three of our client schools and we expect to officially roll this out with all of our clients in July and August. The Global Nudge will have 12 monthly issues, each one developed to align with the school year cycle. Schools will be able to customize sections of the newsletter and pre-register individuals or groups of students for easy access. (View)
  • COMING SOON, VISUAL GUIDES: Visual Guides are mobile-friendly, infographic-style versions of our most popular Quick Guides. 20 of these guides are scheduled for launch this July and August. They will be offered in English, French and Spanish. Check them out on a deskptop or laptop, and then check out the adaptable layout on your cell phone or iPad. Test three sample visual guides now:
    • The Ideal International Profile Visual Guide (View)
    • Travel Smarts Visual Guide (View
    • Budget Tips Visual Guide (View
  • Quick GuidesView our Quick Guides (you must be logged-in to access the full list). Our client-schools have full reproduction rights to our Quick Guides and the URL to these guides are not password protected so you can even have links to them on your website. See our student-friendly sample wording to go along with your Quick Guide links. Here are some of the most popular guides:
  • International Quizzes: (view). Track student progress before and after go abroad programs: MyWorldAbroad’s international quizzes are a useful way to track student readiness and progress before and after going abroad. The information gathered by asking students to complete these quizzes both before and after their international experiences can be used by staff and administrators in order to create progress reports for senior managers, and to track student success rates. See Quiz Management Instructions for Advisors, which outlines how to manage student scorecards and collect data. Our client-schools have full reproduction rights to our Quizzes and the URL to these quizzes are not password protected so you can even have links to them on your website. See our student-friendly sample wording to go along with your quiz links.)
  • "In A Rush?" Articles: These are our selected top articles from each section: International Skills, Getting Experience, Finding Work and The Professions (view).
  • Self-Evaluation Questions (view) and Stories from Abroad (view): Our self-evaluation forms are customized for each type of go abroad experience. They are centred around thought-provoking questions that have been designed to help students think analytically before, during and after going abroad. Meanwhile, our popular collection of Stories from Abroad adds a first-person, peer-to-peer learning element to the site.
  • Sample Application Documents are written by students, and they highlight the fact that there are many different approaches to developing successful application materials for programs abroad (view).
  • Sample Resumes from MyWorldAbroad showcase resumes that consitently apply the principles of our career-building advice (view). 
  • COMING SOON, NEW NEWSLETTER: The Global NudgeWe are almost ready to launch our exciting new newsletter, which will have 12 monthly issues based around the school year cycle. Schools will be able to customize sections of the newsletter and pre-register individuals or groups of students for easier access to the newsletter and the main site (view.)
  • WORKSHOP CONTENT: See the linked pages below for career-related content that can be used as the basis for developing course modules or creating pre-departure and/or re-entry workshops:
    • Your International Resume & LinkedIn Profile (view
    • International Skills? Be More Than Just A Tourist! (view)
    • 100+ Ways To Maximize The Career Value Of Your Time Abroad (view)
  • PRE-RECORDED VIDEO: Mini-Introduction to MyWorldAbroad: 19-minute pre-recorded video designed especially for student interns and advisors from career and study abroad offices. This is the fastest way to learn about the MyWorldAbroad Web site. The first five minutes cover the essentials of the site, and how you can help students use MyWorldAbroad. The following 14 minutes cover our overall philosophy and provide advice on how to help more senior or advanced students understand the international job search.