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The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) is a regional multilateral development bank supported by 81 African and non-African countries. It consists of three institutions: the African Development Bank (ADB), the African Development Fund (ADF) and the Nigeria Trust Fund (NTF). AfDB promotes the economic development and social progress of its Regional Member...
The African Union (AU) was established as a unique Pan African continental body whose vision is that of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena. The AU has shifted focus from supporting liberation movements in African nations under colonialism and apartheid, to an...
The African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of States (ACP), founded in 1975, was originally formed to promote cooperation between its members and the European Union. It is composed of 79 countries from those regions. The group’s main objectives include sustainable development, integration into the global economy, and solidarity among member states. Vacancies...
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The African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) was formed in 1962 and is comprised of 30 member states from Africa and Asia. The organization’s goal is to improve the quality of life of rural people in member countries via sustainable agriculture and rural development.
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The Arab Bank for Economic Development of Africa (BADEA) was established by a resolution of the sixth Arab summit in 1973. It was created to increase financial, economic and technical cooperation between the Arab and African regions. It is an independent financial institution owned by 18 Arab countries. Job opportunities are listed in the careers section of...
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