How can I teach English in Spain?

As a technical writer (and this applies to most fields), you can certainly make better headway in your international job search by teaching English abroad and networking with professionals in your field. Because teaching in Europe without an EU passport can sometimes be difficult, why not try South America or Asia instead? There are more jobs available in these locations, and it can be much easier to get a visa because of that. You could also look into opportunities for teaching English or copywriting in France, since a few years ago they liberalized their working visa laws for people with degrees. 

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The final two links offer some great freelancing tips. Good luck with your search, and don’t forget that you will likely need to take a few risks in order to succeed!

Full question: 

Hi, I have just started exploring MyWorldAbroad. I have a degree in English and additional training as a technical writer. I've been looking online for a while now, trying to find a job in southern Europe, specifically Spain. Seemingly, nobody is hiring due to the economic situation. I don't have TEFL certification yet, as I understand it's often better to take the CELTA certification course in Spain for the contacts and credibility when seeking a job. Also, I only have a Canadian passport, not an EU one. I've tried searching for work in Germany and other European countries, but to no avail. What’s your advice?

-Female, 33, Princeton, New Jersey