Should I go through an agency to find international work?

Hi Macey,

There are few recruitment agencies that will find you an international job unless you working in a highly specialized area of expertise such as: senior executive, engineer, health care worker or some types of teaching position. You may be able to find some placement agencies working with casual or manual labor positions, but these aren't going to give you the maximum professional development potential while abroad. You may have to find work on your own by making direct contact with international employers in your line of work. If you head abroad to find work on your own, make sure you plan in advance. Save some money, make some contacts, research your destination. The more you know in advance, the better positioned you will be to make headway when you land on the ground. You will find the suggestions in Landing a Job: The Road to Teaching Abroad  (for registered users) pertinent to your queston.

In terms of your second question, it is your international employer who will be responsible for your health benefits and general well-being when abroad, not the recruitment agency.



Full question: 

Hi Jean-Marc! Is it better to find work through an agency than to travel and try and find work on my own? How do I know if an agency will take care of me if I get sick or get into trouble?

-Macey, 22, Halifax, NS