Top Tips: Resources for the International Job Search
Posted on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 - 06:00 in Top Tips, Finding Work
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The Internet has opened up a whole new world for job searchers the world over, and there's an ever-increasing number of jobs available online (for remote and in-person positions). The variety of opportunities seems almost endless when you're first starting your research online. Here are a few super-quick tips to help you keep on top of your international job search. Registered users can sign in to the main MyWorldAbroad site in order to access hundreds of international job boards and extensive advice on conducting a successful internationally-focused job hunt.

Top Tips

  • It’s a big online world: There are literally hundreds of thousands of job opportunities posted online. It’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed – but if you have clear goals and a strong plan, you will be able to remain focused.
  • Be vigilant: Check the top job sites every day, and add constantly add new sites to your roster.
  • Only the best! Stick to job sites that offer international positions and update their content daily. Follow sites for a week or two to ensure their quality before considering them.
  • Build connections: We all know the value of networking. Consider the importance of personal connections and target specific firms as you proceed towards the job search.

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