Top Tips: NGOs and International Development
Posted on Friday, September 24, 2021 - 05:44 in Top Tips, The Professions
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This year, we've seen the power of NGOs in supporting vulnerable communities around the world.

A lot of students dream of a career in international development. But, what is the best way to prepare yourself for a successful career with an NGO or international development organization? We've drawn a few key tips from the NGOs and International Development section of the main MyWorldAbroad site. Take a look:

Top Tips

  • International development is one of the most cross-cultural industries in existence: By definition, international development requires extensive cross-cultural communication. Workers must be literate in global affairs and they are also guaranteed to build international experience on the job.
  • NGOs provide long-term support as well as emergency response: Although NGOs tend to get the most attention in the wake of a crisis, a lot of development work is subtler and more long-term, involving on-the-ground assistance and support in developing nations.
  • NGOs provide assistance only when requested: Whereas older models of development involved Western NGOs initiating aid projects as they saw fit, newer models are focused on supporting grassroots initiatives within needy communities and responding to specific requests for external assistance.
  • Experience goes a long way: International development is a competitive field. You are unlikely to find a job without having volunteered either at home or abroad. Volunteering proves your commitment and demonstrates your level of cross-cultural experience.

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The world of NGOs is complex and multi-layered. The articles below, drawn from The 4 BIG Things, will give you a solid sense of the careers and positions available within the NGO framework, as well as a brief introduction to the particulars of NGOs based in other regions of the world.

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