Top Tips: Myths & Realities About Living Abroad
Posted on Thursday, August 26, 2021 - 11:22 in Top Tips, International Skills
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As the world looks towards the long transition of emerging from lockdown, it's tempting to make international travel plans. Thinking realistically about future adventures overseas will help you enjoy and appreciate the experience even more, and can potentially help you add career value to your travels. The main MyWorld site offers multiple articles dispelling some of the most commonly-circulated myths about living and working abroad. Check out a few of the key tips from the section, which apply no matter when you head abroad:

Top Tips

    1. Not everything abroad is interesting: When you move abroad, you'll certainly be engaging with another culture and learning a lot, but work is still work (and studying is still studying) on the other side of the world. Don’t expect it to be a party!
    2. You don’t necessarily need international connections in order to find work abroad: Tenacity and networking skills can get you just as far as personal connections when you're looking for international work, so stay focused and be proactive. 
    3. Don’t romanticize your destination before arriving: Be realistic about your finances, your living situation and your free time. Depending on what country you're heading to, you may find it difficult to make ends meet, there may be health risks, you may be living in an isolated location or there may be a very formal approach to personal relationships (making it hard to build friendships). Don't get overwhelmed! Any challenges will build character and a richer understanding of your host country. 
    4. Be prepared for some surprises! No matter how much reading and preparation you do before going abroad, you're likely to have some surprises when you arrive, especially if you’re headed for a developing country. Keep an open mind and be sure your sense of humor is intact!

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