Top Tips: Volunteer Abroad
Posted on Friday, March 19, 2021 - 13:14 in Volunteer Abroad, Top Tips
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Volunteering is one of the most popular go abroad experiences, and some agencies are booking for 2021 expeditions, with the expectation that travel will open up once again. People volunteer abroad for a variety of reasons: some want to have an adventure, while others are hell-bent on saving the world. Whatever your goals, MyWorldAbroad's main site (for registered users) has advice for you, as well as hundreds of resources to get you in touch with your ideal program. Here are a few of the key tips from the section:

Top Tips

  1. Up your intensity: Volunteering in a third world country or pushing your limits with an international organization might require a little elbow grease, but you will come home having had a rich, rewarding and possibly life-changing experience.
  2. Don’t limit yourself to one field: When you are looking at volunteer programs, don’t limit yourself to programs related to your field of study, volunteering internationally will be a resume-booster no matter what your work is. Do what excites you.
  3. Interview your volunteer organization: When applying for a volunteer program, make sure you ask specific questions about your work, accommodation and travel arrangements. Be sure that your hosts are professional and prepared to offer you a safe, rewarding experience.
  4. It’s all about the Benjamins! The type of experience you have will depend a great deal on what you are able to afford. In general, lower-cost volunteer packages require you to be a little more independent and willing to tolerate slightly less comfortable living conditions.
  5. Go the extra mile: Don’t miss the chance to increase your cross-cultural experience when you go on a volunteer trek abroad. Consider assisting your program organizers, or increase the cultural immersion value of your trip by taking time to travel around your host country before or after your volunteering term. We recommend doing both!

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