Top Tips: The Ideal International Profile
Posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 12:26 in Top Tips, Finding Work
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What skills do international employers expect you to have? What can you expect from your international career? What jobs are going to be available to you after you graduate? What qualities should you start developing to ensure your success? And what happens when you want to have a family? The Ideal International Profile section on MyWorldAbroad's main site (for registered users) provides answers to all these questions, but below you'll find a few of the key tips for those hoping to start building international career potential now.

Top Tips

  • Focus your studies: Even if you aren’t majoring in international studies, make sure you broaden your skills inventory with internationally-focused electives or major research projects.
  • Get an MA or MSc: Almost all international jobs require you to have a master’s degree nowadays. Why not study in another country?
  • Network: Foreign students, experts in your field and people using online travelogues can all help you broaden your cross-cultural knowledge. Don’t be shy!
  • Be bold: Almost all successful international professionals did something extraordinary to land their first job. So, do the same.
  • Your International IQ is up to you: International IQ can’t be taught, it must be developed through study, work and experience. Those with high International IQs are much more likely to succeed in the global workplace, so get proactive!

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