Top Tips: Contacting Employers Directly
Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2021 - 10:39 in Top Tips, Finding Work
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In this age of email and texting, getting on the phone or making personal contact with a potential employer can make a big impact. When making contact, how you conduct yourself is important. Learn how your phone manner has a direct effect on your potential employer’s perception of you as a person and a professional. Knowing when and why to make phone contact in crucial, as is knowing the right questions to ask and the perfect things to say. Many of these tips can also be applied to online correspondence as well. The tips below are drawn from the Contacting Employers Directly section of the main MyWorldAbroad site. In a world where many jobs have gone remote, your phone and video manner becomes even more important.

Top Tips

  1. Get in touch! Before you send a job application to any firm, you should email or, preferably, call their offices and ask a few questions: What are they looking for? Who is in charge of hiring?
  2. Take notes: When you first conduct a job search, you may be in contact with as many as 50 firms. Keep track of their information in an organized manner.
  3. Follow up: When you have made contact with a manager or lead staff member, be sure to follow up and thank them for their time.
  4. Be confident, but not overconfident: You should sound self-assured in all correspondence. Know your skills and your professional desires, but do not be pushy or ask too many questions.
  5. Stay in touch: If you receive a negative response from a firm, don’t write them off or drop out of contact with them. Thank them for their time and ask how any future jobs would be posted.

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