Top Tips: Teaching English Abroad
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 12:22 in Top Tips, Teach Abroad
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Teaching English Abroad gives you all the basics about one of the most popular short-term professions abroad. You’ll learn who can teach, how to get hired and why it’s a great career move if you are just starting out. When you’ve read the articles in this section and explored its associated resource lists, you’ll have all the information and tools you need to head overseas and start working internationally as an English teacher. You’ll know what the benefits and detriments are and you’ll have a sense of whether it’s right for you.

Top Tips

    1. Teaching English can take you anywhere in the world: Almost every non-English speaking country in the world hires foreign English teachers for students of all ages and classes of all sizes.
    2. Use it to propel yourself into the global marketplace: Teaching English can lead to a wide variety of international careers and it allows you to develop extremely strong cross-cultural communication and management skills without committing to a lifelong career.
    3. Combine English and your area of interest for added career value: Teach English in combination with any subject (history, business, art, etc.) to foreign students and you will be doubling the career value of your teaching time.
    4. Be prepared for schoolhouse culture shock! Just because you are teaching English, doesn’t mean you won’t be immersed in a new culture – you’ll have to learn how to interact with your colleagues, adhere to local customs and speak the local language to get by comfortably.
    5. Learn from your students: Just because you are an authority figure in the classroom doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your pupils. They will be eager to tell you about their culture. Take advantage of that and you’ll get even more out of your teaching experience. 

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