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MyWorldAbroad is proud to be an official
Commitment Partner of Generation Study Abroad
doubling the number of students going abroad by 2020.

OUR PLEDGE: MyWorldAbroad pledges to provide free access to a core selection of our comprehensive online training materials, geared towards helping students build global competencies and maximize the career value of their time abroad.

Instant Access to Online Training Materials for Schools

Schools have permission to share a selection of our most popular training materials with their students. Follow the links below and print, email, tweet or create links on your school's website. Scroll to the bottom of this page to find tips on how best to reach students and to learn more about MyWorldAbroad. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Do not link to this page; schools should link to our Student Landing Page when sharing our information with students. The page you are currently viewing (the School Landing Page) contains instructions for schools about linking to our free training materials.

Why Use These Training Materials?

Stories from Abroad

Stories from Abroad is a peer-to-peer advising tool to help motivate and inform students. Students learn best from other students. These stories show students how others have succeeded abroad. They provide motivation and inspiration as students prepare and plan for their international adventures.(View the Helpful Notes further down the page.)


Quick Guides

Quick Guides are packed with critical information about building international competency and succeeding abroad. Share links to these guides online. Hand them out during study abroad fairs, career fairs or international events. Use of them in one-on-one student advising sessions or when designing workshops or pre-departure orientation. Distribute guides at advising office front desk area. (View the Helpful Notes further down the page.) 


International Quizzes

International Quizzes are fun and quick. These popular quizzes can be used to measure student progress, identify knowledge gaps, and promote discussion. To measure progress, have students complete quizzes and record their scores before and after going abroad. (View the Helpful Notes further down the page.)

Reproduction Rights and Other Details

  • Schools are invited to share and link to our free online training materials. These links will remain active until 2020, and beyond.
  • If you are using our links, please register with us and we will keep you up-to-date about improvements to this service.
  • Reproduction rights: Our Quick Guides, International Quizzes and Stories from Abroad must be reproduced in their entirety and may not be edited for inclusion in other articles without the written permission of the publisher. Short excerpts may be used to substantiate a review, promote or link to the site.

Helpful Notes for Schools & Advisors

Where to Share Our Training Materials

  • MyWorldAbroad training materials are designed to work together. Combining Stories from Abroad, Quick Guides and International Quizzes when designing student training programs.
  • Place links on school/departmental websites: The Career Center, Study Abroad Office, and International Student Office websites are a great place to start.
  • Social media and email: Publish links with short excerpts of our materials on your Twitter or Facebook feed, on your blog, in the student newspaper or in an email blast. Online is, without a doubt, the best place to spread the word about the importance of global career skills!
  • Incorporate our training materials into your school’s orientation packages and international workshop materials: Our materials are ideal for use in workshops, pre-departure and re-entry orientations, and also as a component of frosh or returning students’ welcome packages.

Creating Links to Training Materials

Linking and sharing these materials is the best way to provide long-term value for your students. There are several ways to link to our materials. 
  • Link to the main student landing page. Do not link to the page you are currently browsing. Instead, we have designed a page specifically for students, which you can use for all online shares and posts. Our Student Landing Page is a student-friendly version of this page, linking to all instant access Quick Guides, International Quizzes and Stories from Abroad.
    • SAMPLE WORDING FOR LINK: MyWorldAbroad has instant access resources to help you go abroad and boost your future career. Get inspired by Stories from Abroad, Quick Guides, and International Quizzes! Highly recommended.
  • Link to landing pages: We have created separate landing pages for each type of training material: Quick Guides, International Quizzes and Stories from Abroad. These pages are written in a student-friendly format. Use the text below for easy linking:
    • SAMPLE WORDING FOR STORIES FROM ABROAD LINK: Check out MyWorldAbroad's inspiring first-hand Stories from Abroad, written by real students who have had successful volunteer, intern, study and work abroad experiences. Highly recommended.
    • SAMPLE WORDING FOR QUICK GUIDE LINK: Want to access essential advice about going abroad, building international skills, and landing an international job? MyWorldAbroad's excellent Quick Guides are full of career-boosting info that you can access right now. Guides are available in English, French and Spanish. Highly recommended.
    • SAMPLE WORDING FOR INTERNATIONAL QUIZ LINK: MyWorldAbroad has excellent International Quizzes to help you find out which knowledge and skill areas you want to build up in order to make the most of your worldly travels and future career prospects in a global economy.
  • Link to individual training products: Create links to a single Quick Guide or quiz. The topic of an individual guide or quiz might apply particularly well to a certain page on your school website. (e.g. On your school’s international jobs page, you could create a link to MyWorldAbroad’s International Job Search quiz.) Click here for sample wording for individual links.
  • Optional additional wording: Please consider adding this additional wording to the end of each Sample Wording above. Students can also purchase a MyWorldAbroad subscription (at a reasonable cost) to access a huge amount of additional expert advice and resources. 
  • If you require additional descriptive wording or support, we will be more than happy to help and respond to your feedback. Contact us.
  • Download MyWorldAbroad logos on this page.

Celebrating Generation Study Abroad


, is a Commitment Partner of IIE's Generation Study Abroad and a proud supporter of the over 400 universities dedicated to doubling the number of students studying abroad by the year 2020. To celebrate this campaign, MyWorldAbroad is providing schools worldwide with free instant access (see Student Landing Page) to a core set of our most popular training materials including: eight Quick Guides on building global skills, seven International Quizzes to assess study abroad preparedness and 90 inspirational Stories From Abroad. Schools can link to these materials  and use them in student advising and workshops with a focus on integrating career success into the student’s study abroad experience.

About MyWorldAbroad

MyWorldAbroad is a trusted resource for students and leading universities in the US and Canada. For over two decades, we’ve been helping students and young professionals develop global career skills and find international work, both at home and abroad. With 300+ expert articles, 4,000+ resources and numerous online tools, this site covers everything from cross-cultural skill-building and go abroad basics to the international job hunt and popular international professions. Students can purchase individual access and schools can view our Product Description. See also, MyWorldAbroad Talking Points.