Is international experience only important for international business and diplomacy jobs?

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A significant proportion of US-based jobs already require international experience, and the trend is only getting bigger. With each year, Internet technologies move us further and further towards a new global economy, and students in all fields are going to have better job prospects if they have international skills when they graduate. Almost every profession will soon require workers to have global career skills.

With the increasing strength and reach of the global economy, every size of business is being transformed – from large international corporations to small local firms. Employers of all sizes are purchasing goods and services from around the world, and they are asking employees to work online with people located in other countries. Whether you work abroad or at home, students will need international skills to succeed in this new world of work. From a career point of view, students in every field should be gaining international experience and embracing international skills so that they can perform their work while based at home or abroad.

Need more proof? Look no further than the White House itself! The US Government has made clear and decisive moves over the past months to ensure that more students are going abroad in order to gain that all-important global perspective. See former First Lady Michelle Obama's endorsement here. And check out Why You Need International Skills (for registered users).

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My parents can’t figure out why I should go abroad to get international experience when I am majoring in American history and have no intention of working overseas in the future. I would just like to go abroad for the experience, but need to convince my parents that it will help me in my career.

-Ana-Maria, 22, San Francisco, California