How can a married couple embark on an international work experience?

ANSWER: The way you target your international job search will be determined by your education and areas of expertise. You're correct to assume that finding meaningful international work is not as simple as sending your CV around the globe. You’ll need to prove to international employers that you can function in an international environment, one that may be very different from your home. If you have no previous international experience, I would recommend taking a sabbatical for four or more months. Go abroad to learn a second language, travel or undertake a course of study abroad for a semester. While you are away, make professional contacts and join international professional associations in your field, volunteer abroad and keep your eyes peeled for potential work opportunities. As you build your international experience and networks, you will soon reach a level of cross-cultural competency that can serve as proof of your International IQ for potential employers. There is no doubt that you will need to take a few measured risks on order to make the transition to international work, but with a background of international experiences, there is a good chance that you will be successful. For more advice, scan the sections in International Skills section (for registered users, start with The Effective Overseas Employee), and the Finding Work section (start with The Ideal International Profile & Your Career Path).

Hope this all helps, and good luck with your decisions and preparations.


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We are a married couple in our forties and we would like to work overseas and have new life experiences. To be honest, we have no idea where to start. It sounds very simple to send our CVs around the world, but there is probably much more to consider than that. Can you suggest an approach to help us get our minds around the process? 

-Female, 45, Austin, Texas